“The Fountainhead” () es un clásico y el primer best-seller de Ayn Rand. Traducido al español como “El Manantial”, es la novela que le presenta al mundo. Fountainhead. Atlas Shrugged: Part I. Atlas Shrugged II: The Strike. Ayn Rand: In Her Own Words. ◅ Prev 6 Next 6 ▻. We the Living. Add to Watchlist. Next». Results 1 – 30 of 55 El manantial by Ayn Rand and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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PatriotsGiants — To view it, click here. Rand did not use a specific architect as a model for Keating. Todd, Andrew July 16, Blackwell Companions to Philosophy.

Reprinted in McGrath, Charles, ed.

The Fountainhead – Wikipedia

The Fountainhead also attracted a new group of fans who were attracted to its philosophical ideas. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ina 50th anniversary edition from Bobbs-Merrill added an afterword by Rand’s heir, Leonard Peikoff.

The other is a statement that Rand was “brilliant”, “ground-breaking”, and “life-altering. Roark dynamites the project to prevent the subversion of his vision.

Christopher Bergman I felt the same way about your review. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [Was anyone else surprised that after the trial the book is only half-way through? Ayn Rand is Nietzsche for stupid people. Books by Ayn Rand. And now, today, you ask me not only to cut my wrists and bleed on your behalf Tabloid newspaper publisher Gail Wynand seeks to shape popular opinion; he befriends Roark, then betrays him when public opinion turns in a direction he cannot control.


He is Rand’s personification of evil—the most active and self-aware villain in any of her novels.

El Manantial

Inproducer James Hill optioned the rights and selected Phil Joanou to direct. Contemporary reviewers’ opinions were polarized. I could talk about her philosophy and its ramifications, but really it all boils down to the woman who falls in love with the man who raped her, because despite her fighting and screaming no, she found it’s what she wanted all along.

Published September 16th first published An artist and artisan who grimly defies the world for his art and the his confidence in the supremacy of his own intellect.

Roark works briefly at another firm, then opens his own office but has trouble rnd clients and closes it down.

If the story is not entertaining, don’t read it. Although Rand had some mainstream success previously with her play Rwnd of January 16th and had two previously published novels, The Fountainhead was a major breakthrough in her career.

Long ago, we were faced with a choice—the same choice you faced. They are immediately attracted to each other, leading to a rough sexual encounter that Dominique ayb calls a rape.

Ayn Rand and the American Right. She sold the movie rights to The Fountainhead and returned to Hollywood to write the screenplay for the adaptation. Rand chose the profession of architecture as the background for her novel, although she knew nothing about the field beforehand. Fand, the most common pick-up line I’ve been given over the course of my life involves random drunk dude ascertaining my intelligence, believing that he’s more apt to get me to give up my number or my virtue if I believe him to be intelligent, too — so he busts out something about “The Fountainhead” or “Atlas Shrugged”, or suggests that I am unusually stimulating and intellectual for a woman — like Ayn Rand.


The character has provoked varied reactions from commentators. I read as much as I could, threw the bastard against the far wall and cursed myself for showing appropriately fascistic mqnantial towards a book. The muscular coach set his prominent jaw, manamtial his hard, handsome eyes glistened.

Helen Shaw’s review for The Village Voice said the adaptation was unwatchable because it portrayed Rand’s characters and views seriously without undercutting them. Views Read Edit View history. I have a feeling a good editor could have chopped this down to pages from the that make up this edition.

Men, Women and Rapedenounced what she called “Rand’s philosophy of rape”, manantia, portraying women as wanting “humiliation at the hands of a superior man”.

The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies. The novel has been adapted into other media several times. Want to Read saving….

Ahn rereading this 50th anniversary hardback edition as an adult, I was appalled at this amoral tale. Don’t get me wrong, I’m down with a little individualism, but Ayn Rand takes it to new and disturbing heights.