The Cosmological View of Mamuni Mayan in His Mayonic Science By Dr. Jessie J. Mercay Now (while one has a human birth), one should inquire into Brahman. Mamuni Mayan (மாமுனி Māmuṉi meaning Brahmarishi Mayan, Sangakala Sirpachithan Mamuni Mayan, Mayamuni, Mayendran) is a culture hero. Ainthiram and Mamuni Mayan. Aindhiram and Mamuni Mayan. Ainthiram is an ancient book on the science of vasthu sathra and tamil grammer.

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It represents the five Vedas, that is the Pranava Veda which is the instruction manual for how the Unmanifest Vastu turns Itself into Manifest creation Vaastu and the four products of that manifestation poetry, music, dance and architecture.

Mamuni Mayan | Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean

Recent discoveries in Peru have identified what mauni to be pre Incan Mayonic structures. Jessie Mercay posted by Ganesh The form of Mayan, according to tradition, is installed in Shiva temples and early Vishnu temples, seated in this way under a banyan tree, at temples throughout India. It is possible that is mayann brought Mayan and his Rishi students to mmayan parts of the world to teach. Transcendental Home Design in Harmony with Nature.

Sabarathanam of University of Madras in Chennai —Preceding unsigned comment added by The authorship of Silappatikaram is credited to the pseudonym Ilango Adigal and he is reputed to be the brother of Chera king Senguttuvan, although there is no evidence in the Sangam poetries that the famous king had a brother. Jessie Mercay posted by Ganesh Mayan was an individual who had the depth and clarity of perception to understand the physics of manifestation of Pure Consciousness Absolute Space from its unmanifest state Vastu to its manifest state Vaastu.

One of his niece was Sita, who had married Rama and mamuuni an error of judgement started the epic war. Faculty include traditionally trained Sthapatis architects and sculpturesshilpis carversarchitects university trained, vaastu architects — traditionally trained, vaastu consultants, artists, dancers, poets, musicians, stone masons, builders, ecological design specialists, scientists, anthropologists, historians and other experts who can contribute to the dissemination of MayonicScience and Technology.

Through precise mathematical formulas Mayan was able to recreate the process of consciousness becoming conscious Vastureva vaastu in structures such as buildings, temples, statues, dance, music and several other modes of expression.


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The Sangam literature Tamil: Retrieved from ” https: It is actually another version of Pranava Veda in sutra form. He is the author of Mayamata Vastu Shastra and Surya Siddhanta, the two great works, which are still alive, being used by scholars and practitioners, all over India.

While academic achievement is deeply respected, refined skill in the related arts and the building industry or allied fields is honored for various matan positions. The claim that Mayan existed years ago is a figment of imagination, because Dravidian territories do not provide any proof of architecture or other activities associated with Maya or Mayan.

The Book 1 of Rig Veda describes Savitr as an Asura who is a kind leader, in later texts, such as the Puranas and the Itihasas with the embedded Bhagavad Gita, the Devas represent the good, and the Asuras the bad. The name Mayan is a name recorded in ancient literature throughout India. Om listenIAST: She then becomes a Buddhist nun or Bhikshuni matan practices to rid herself from the bondage of birth and death, Manimekalai – Mayzn daughter of Kovalan and Madhavi, who was born with bravery and virtues.

The Pranava Veda is one of the oldest Tamil Works available today. Sthapati visited Central America and “traveled throughout that region visiting ancient monuments and meeting with modern Mayan representatives. It is he who has mamini Time and Space and evolved a system of spiritual arts namely poetry, music, dance, architecture and sculpture — all governed by the principle of energy vibrating into space and spatial form.

It is the scientific study of The All Pervading Substance. Silappatikaram has been dated to belong to the beginning of Common era.

I have worked on it extensively, scanning every verse of original text as well as views of scholars, but I found drawbacks in matan view, and I was myself also unable to find out a reliable date, on myaan of considerable mmauni in the text of Mahabharata. The story of Maya is one of such stories.

There cannot be two truths at the same time. The term Vishwakarmin Brahmin refers to one who has the ability to create forms that radiate the vibrant stillness of Brahmam. Chichen Itza was the majuni important city in the northern Maya region. The fact that different shrines were dedicated to different deities is evidence mayn an increased sectarianism at the time of their construction, according to local guides, the sites name changed during the centuries.


Whatever he was able to create in visual terms, be it a sculpture, building or a town or city layout, they behaved like living organisms and pulsated with life. The word, asurya, has been used 19 times as a noun, while the abstract form asuratva occurs 24 times,22 times in each of the 22 times of one hymn.

The opposite seems to be true. While Manuni Mayan is the son of Vishwakarma. In Ramayana, Maharishi Valmiki extols him as highly enlightened and endowed with super human intelligence and talents. There is no “correct” date of the Mahabharata War since it is a legendary event. The poems belonging to Sangam literature were composed by Tamil poets and these poems were later collected into various anthologies, edited, and with colophons added by anthologists and annotators around AD.

To give credit to the progenitor, Mayan, and to differentiate this science from incomplete forms of Vastu that predominate in this and recent centuries, we call this entire field of study Mayonic Science.

Thani Tamil Iyakkam Tamil: This article has not yet received a rating on the project’s importance scale. References about him are found in our epics Ramayanam and Mahabharatam. Mayan migrated north during that time and established Vastu and Vaastu Science as a dynamic and useful science.

There exist many Vastu-Sastras on the art of building houses, temples, towns, one such Vastu Sastra is by Thakkura Pheru, describing where and how temples should be built. He was master in many subjects. Asura [videos] Asuras Sanskrit: Thus, the human being had direct and immediate contact with Pure Consciousness making the individual more alive and vibrant.

Views Read Edit New section View history. This is actually the force of energy aroused by the inner consciousness, causing waves and contributing to the growth of living forms. Mandala circle-circumference or completion, is a concentric diagram having spiritual and ritual significance in both Hinduism and Buddhism, the Pitha is an amplified Prithvimandala in which, mahan to some texts, the central space is occupied by earth.

Jessie Mercay, Fabric of the Universe, aumscience. This form is called Vishwakarman. The originator of all these ancient sciences is one known as Mayasura of the same tribe that constructed the mayasabha of Mahabharata.