Instead of trying to develop its own 20mm QR system, Magura simply licensed the Maxle design from RockShox. Out of the box, the axle threads felt rougher. The Magura Wotan is Magura’s first proper entry in the all-mountain/freeride fork market. Hello Folks, I’ve had a Wotan for a few weeks now and thought I’d share EDIT: I finally managed to get a hold of Magura, explained the travel.

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Don’t have an account? Compression Albert Select assembly on the left, rebound on the right. I agree that have another option in the fork market is a good thing, for both the consumer and industry. With wotab Wotan I would notice that sometimes I would have to pull up and almost swing the front wheel around in the apex of the turn, as opposed to carving the corner. It better not be for the super high price they charge for their forks!

Here is a home experiment for you to do: It might be best for you, but I think most riders could benefit from more travel. The Lyrik has a much tighter turning radius compared to the Wotan. The mid-travel suspension market is starting to get a bit crowded with contenders these days.

You are right, changing the oil weight isn’t that big of a chore but as someone who was borrowing the fork it is not something that I could have done. The question is if it will transfer over to the real world.

The double arch actually looks really bad, but if the specs show that it holds up better than I don’t think the looks will matter.

I’m convinced that initial suppleness has little effect on performance though and would rather have a fork that has a load of low speed damping and stays high in it’s travel then something super supple but too active.

  ASTM D4914 PDF

I guess what I was trying to say in the article, but didn’t explain, was that woan I am going slightly slower then on my big bike I am having more fun and going more places on something with less travel. The Albert Select system consists of only a few parts.

Magura Wotan Fork – Reviews, Comparisons, Specs – Mountain Bike Forks – Vital MTB

There are 0 comments. Oh, and it comes with a neat mini pump complete with recommended pressures printed on the side — handy. Mobile Version of Website.

It’s too easy to automatically think of one of the wootan three’s” suspension products when looking for a new fork, but there are other options available for those willing to change it up.

Magura Wotan

It wasn’t as easy to snap the bike around. What I rode was last years Wotan as well.

A big slack bike will always be faster on the burly stuff and I’m not going to lie, for the last few seasons all my personal bikes have been DH bikes. For those too lazy to give it a go, the tube is far stiffer before it’s cut open.

The remote lever itself is a dinky little CNC item, lovely and minimalist but we think must have been designed around unsurprisingly Magura brake levers and SRAM shifters — trying to fit it in amongst Shimano controls without the lever itself or its associated cable fouling anything would drive Ghandi to violence.

Don’t know if I would pay that though. As far as the initial suppleness what didn’t attract me to the forks performance was when I would be coming into a rocky section and I would want to pull up and skim over the top the Wotan would, first of all, take a little more effort because it would dive a fair bit and second, the first rock that you would hit would be soaked up by the fork and would cause the front end to dive.

I think you’re confusing it with the wars my country is involved in And it does indeed look good. IsakL May 25, at Air spring cartridge and negative spring. The standard travel of the Wotan is a healthy mm 6.



Post a Comment Login or Sign Up. Mid-travel bikes now are crazy advanced though. Marco Osborne Joins Transition Bicycles views. It’s not a matter of bottoming really but more about the angles and sag, they help so much on the gnar. Flight control is very nice on tough uphills and it works flawlessly.

I’d take this fork over any conflict, and the cost? This may not hold true for the type of riding you do Wyoming? Again, riding a fork that has some compression damping keeps the fork higher up in its travel, slightly stiffer and allows you to use more body-english in riding rather mgaura allowing the fork to do all the work. This is my next fork for SURE!

It’s Pronounced Voo-Taan! – Magura Wotan Fork Review – Pinkbike

Some people may not see that as a bad thing but it makes you lose your rhythm where in preparation for the next pump through the rocks your front end has sunk down more than expected and you either have to use a lot more effort to pull up again or you just start plowing through everything and lose your momentum. A flap design is almost the same thing,less complicated, www. Rolinski May 23, at 2: Magura has a couple of new forks forone a new version of an existing fork and the other completely new.

And its also designed and built in Germany.

Rockshox is made in Taiwan. As for the mod’s that I did, they really transformed the fork. I do have a set in need of a service, do you have a step by step method you could post or send me?