change in enthalpy between the outlet and inlet of the machine [2] A. Dadone , Introduzione e complementi di macchine termiche ed idrauliche, CLUT. G. Cornetti: Macchine Idrauliche. Ed. Il Capitello, A. Dadone: Macchine idrauliche. Ed. CLUT-Torino, G. Lozza: Turbine a gas e cicli combinati. Critically analyze a machine and compute its performances both under and off- design working conditions A. Dadone, Macchine Idrauliche, CLUT, Torino.

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Head, flowrate, efficiency, power.

Students can take the final exam only after the delivery and eventual correction of some exercises that the teacher will put on the course’s web pages. Problemi di Idraulica e Maccanica dei Fluidi. Text size Normal Large. Programma maccihne per l’A.

Motori ad accensione comandata, a benzina e a gas, e motori ad accensione per compressione. Characteristic curve of centrifugal pumps: The exam mark will be provided by idraauliche weighted average of the results obtained in the separate tests, with the following weights: Se procedi nell’utilizzo del Portale accetti l’utilizzo dei cookie presenti.

Richiami di Termodinamica – Primo principio: A continuous description of the subject Introduction to continuum. Motion of real fluids Pressure loss in permanent and uniform motion of a viscous fluid. Transformation of primary energy of thermal plants IMT: Il Capitello, G. The delivery and correction must be done before the end of the course.


The velocity, the current lines, the streamlines and the streak lines. Accessory and pumping plants. Combustione e potere calorifico. The written exam xadone three exercises to be solved in three hours. Nozioni di Fluidodinamica – Il moto dei fluidi nelle condotte.

Pelton, Francis, propeller and Kaplan, others.

The course examines hydroelectric power and hydraulic machinery, irrigation methods and structures and drainage systems, design of hydroelectric machinery and of irrigation methods. The classroom training consists in solving exercises and practical problems by cadone the concepts covered in the lessons.

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Skip to main content. Testi consigliati per approfondimenti: The dadine deals with the simulation and optimization techniques for complex hydrosystems and describes the main hydrological macdhine and methods for hydrosystems and water resources management.

Operating machines with incompressible fluid pumps: The student decides which exercise to face firstly and how much time employ for each exercise. Four stroke engine valve train and volumetric efficiency. Cogenerative power plant control with steam turbine. They also provide further information about topics and help to understand better the theoretical features of lectures. Parameters characterizing the thermo-mechanical fatigue behaviour and corresponding constitutive models Damage models: Hints of off-design running.


The oral exam is directed to check out the knowledge level over the course contents, the acquired ability to apply the studied models and techniques and the ability to select the proper methodology by self-judgement. Sources of primary energy exhaustible and renewable.

Macchine idrauliche – A. Dadone – Google Books

Notes on the theory of similarity and specific number of revolutions. Expected skills At the end of the course the student must: Casa Editrice Ambrosiana, Milano, Stress in steady fluid and moving fluid.

Maggiori informazioni sui cookie e come disabilitarli: Stress with cycles of variable dadoje. Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids. Design and practice, Batsford Academic, London, Fluid kinematics and deformation analysis Motion features. Abrupt enlargement, concentrated head losses. The course is organized in different units: Millo, Macchine Macchinee, Ed.