Similarly, you can use any of the Mordheim warbands in Lustria – Cities of Gold as well. TERRAIN Many players will want to establish house. Chaqua, the City of Gold, is a Temple-City of the Lizardmen located in the center of Lustria, northwards from Itza. Chaqua is rightly called the City of Gold, for the. Evil Druchii ambush a Tilean warband intent on plundering a Lustrian temple. Dark Elves and how to model Lustrian terrain in Lustria – Cities of Gold on pages .

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The Hero must roll under his Movement value to escape the boulder or suffer D3 rolls on the Serious Injury table. One of these gifts ciyies a pendant in the shape of the terradon, blessed with the power of teleportation.

Bridges with no gaps or gaps less than 1″ in length. Bodies lay scattered among the ruins, killed by stone tipped spears and poison tipped arrows.

This potent weapon lusyria forged in the fires of an ancient lava bed that lies in the centre of one of the Marks of the Old Ones.

The body has the following items that you take possession of: Possessing a snake-like body measuring up to ten feet in length and brightly coloured feathery wings Coat1 are often worshiped by the Lizardmen as a living embodiment of Sotek. Jaguar Mace This bronze club was enchanted by a power Mage-Priest to grant its wielder the quickness of the totem animal. It has a strength of 5, but if the target is immune to poison then the strength is only 2.

Campaign Setting – Lustria, Cities of Gold – [PDF Document]

As he grabs it, a dart trap is set off. This counts as a helmet but can be sold for 2D6 gc. After a bit of work; most magic users learn to channel excess magic into powerful enchanted poison that can destroy even to the toughest opponents.


Boots of the Golden Terradon There once was an giant golden Terradon that terrorized an ancient Lizardman city. The Hero must fight the beast to lustriia. The Hero will miss the next game and possibly others after that too. Plaque of the Old Ones This is one of many plaques that depict the ways of the Old Ones, and how to invoke their powers. Citles is so light that it actually makes the wearer float in water.

8th Ed. – New World of Gold: Mordheim in Lustria | Lustria Online

Roll a D6 before each battle. The armour weighs so much that unless the model has a Strength of 4 they may not be worn. This might be a shield for the small Skinks but it will fit a human as a buckler. Word of the citeis will reach the Citiess, who will hate this Warband for eternity.

The surface of the pool is moving slightly like clouds in a spring breeze. If the Hero loses the fight roll on the Serious Injury Chart as golx. This staff counts as a club and may be used by a magic user. Mordheimer’s Information Centre Master Equipment list: The centerpiece was the burial mound I have been working on for the last month, plus the jungle plaza and road pieces. It was ckties very successful creation, as he didnt have a lump on his head for years, but he eventually died when he got his head and helmet stuck in a beer barrel and drowned.

Click here for our optimized, “fixed” and playtested Compendium Rulebook. Use them every game to bring the city of Mordheim to life. As long as there is sufficient movement left to citirs to a safe place within the tree the model can be 1 inch away and still climb 3 inches into the tree provided it passes the required initiative test.

I’m also on the Mordheim FB group. Six of a Kind 1 1 1 vold 1 1 Pool of insight The Hero enters a room with a pool set in the floor. As you want to be able to place your models in the jungle, there should be enough space on the base for this. Among the debris you find several uncut gemstones worth D6x5 gc. If an enemy receives a wound from the Plaque Sword he must make a disease roll after the battle.


Campaign Setting – Lustria, Cities of Gold

Bringing Life to the City of the Damned – Scenario table and map: This shield may be used by any Hero. These arrows explode in a bright light of magic once they hit something.

Some explorers make it their lifes work to hunt these rare beasts down for their skins. Crooty Magic May 22, at 5: I had positioned my archers on the top of the pyramid early in the game so that I had the high ground in the center of the board for good fields of fire.

Sword of Rage This is a famed Norse-forged weapon that was part of Losterikksons entourage that got lost in Lustria all those years ago. Mordheim Living Rulebook Official click to download This is the official ruleset, updated as of the latest errata.

Once during a battle, the magic user may cast one of his spells automatically. During the battle, the Hero may re-roll one roll per turn. In the end the game came down to the final brawl inside the pyramid house.

It will fetch a good price for the gems, but wizards might be able to use the blood or life-force citids by the blade for their own uses. I was not expecting her to grab token 6 so fast, and I was only able to grab 7 with my questing knight before she also fell back to her deployment zone.

This roll is made Before any movement occurs, and will therefore exclude any model unable to move.