Lule Ahmedi, Dr. Ing. EDUCATION. Aug -. April Doctoral studies in computer science at Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg,. Germany – Department. University of Prishtina, Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Internet, Winter Instructor. Prof. Dr. Lule Ahmedi Consultation hours. Lule Ahmedi’s 36 research works with citations and reads, including: ViziTo: A system for recommending touristic Points of Interest using Bimodal.

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Finally, the evaluation of the approach shall follow. These data might formally be defined by following a semantic IoT model that covers data, meta-data, as well as their relations, or might simply be stored in a database without any formal specification.

Mathematics Genealogy Project

Besides the linking mechanism, LDAP offers a rich collection of modeling primitives required to express ontologies as a common searchable interface. Sweden, June – July The arrangements to finally signing the MoU, from drafting to its final version, were made possible for the University of Freiburg by Dr. This is the first time the Albanian Symposium on Computer Sciences to occur where researchers and PhD students, whom are from Kosovo or Albania working abroad, were able to present here the agenda their research to the ICT community in Kosovo.

Modeling ah,edi networks merely in FOAF, as is common with social networks, suffers the inability to capture semantics which are specific to collaboration schemes in the scientific community. Ahmedi with the Gjirafa Inc. The idea is to initially develop a mobile system to monitor drinking water and report cases with diarrhea in certain regions in Kosovo here the thesis description.

Introduction to Semantic Web, part of the module Intelligent multimedia systems. Ontologies are out in a middleware of the system and luel annotated to hold along with the semantic data, a kind of links which relate source data and allow to readily carry out sophisticated tasks for users when querying.

Prof. Dr. Lule Ahmedi – University of Prishtina

A Semantic Sensor Web to monitor the water quality in rivers in Kosova. Kadri Sylejmani took place in Linnaeus University to design the collaboration scheme in terms of mobility for staff and students, which followed later in the project as described above. Moreover, after describing some real cases of MOOC based flipped classroom learning, we also provide some recommendations in order to enhance and enrich learning experience by employing innovative pedagogies.

If there are more than single POIs preferred per reviewer, and there remain more than requested POIs of the highly ranked reviewers to select among for recommendation, a similar centrality algorithm is applied over a reviewer-POI network with links representing a certain reviewer prefers that ahmfdi POI.


In absence of such a system, we showed in our previous lkle how Jess can be ahmevi for monitoring water quality, but by bringing input data manually. Abstract Stream data knowledge bases modelled with OWL are a proved natural approach.

Lule Ahmedi – Google Scholar Citations

Semantic Web in use, part of the module Adaptive and Semantic Web Invited distance lecture, bachelor studies: Except to hold annotations, the LDAP middleware serves at the same time as a medium for a stable and efficient storage of ontologies in our system. The MoU aims to promote cooperation between the two institutions in education and in academic research.

We would therefore like to ask you to take 2 minutes of your valuable time to participate on this Qrecco evaluation survey following the instructions below:. Click here to access the Water Portal developed, which provides in real-time every 10 min and over distance raw water quality data of Sitinca river measured through wireless sensors deployed in Sitnica.

Five students of University of Prishtina, Computer Engineering Department, among best students in their generation: Limiting the domain of querying to a predefined collection of terms and their relationships in form of ontologies as advised by the Semantic Web initiative makes the problem of integration easier.

To provide support for data integration, we avoid “dirtying” sources or ontologies with semantic annotations necessary for integration and instead introduce a middleware in our system to hold such annotations. This was the 5th edition of this nationalwide awarding contest in the field of ICT with nominees mainly from Kosovo, Albania, and Macedonia.

Afterwards you will be redirected to the survey form with query recommender, were you will be asked to make 5 attempts on searching with different keywords, and on each attempt to also evaluate our Qrecco system for the queries that will be recommended to you. Limiting the domain of integration to a predefined collection of terms and their relationships in form of ontologies makes the problem of integration easier.

Lule Ahmedi

Experts’ module infers statistics about water ahmwdi given the experts’ data and rules. InWaterSense has achieved its aim in applying recent advanced practices stemming from ICT in water quality monitoring for healthy environment, and in strengthening Kosovo’s capacity ahmsdi research in national priority sectors of environment and ICT. The final publication is available at the TWAS entire volume via http: As a host of the event professor Lule Ljle said in her opening speech, ” The preparations for this Symposium have long started together with colleagues from Vienna University of Technology, Priv.

A new master study program has been designed and implemented together with project partners, i. Kosovo has a chance to improve the wellbeing of its citizens through technology-enabled industries and services. These highlights make our approach realistic for future trading architectures for information integration. Five students of University of Prishtina, among best students in their generation in Computer Engineering, i.


During the visit, the group of students’ from Kosova, had the opportunity to attend lectures, as well as meet and discuss about scientific collaborations that will follow the project with the group of researchers and PhD students from the team of prof. The increase in popularity of the Internet has lead to the proliferation of heterogeneous information systems that could be better utilized if they operated under a common query interface. To further extend the cooperation between two institutions in terms of staff and student exchange as a continuation of the experience earlier supported by the Linnaeus-Palme Programme, Sweden.

To continue joint research building on top of a just recently finished common project with Linnaeus University, the “InWaterSense: For example, using aggregate functions on a particular window of streams cannot be expressed in SWRL. These latest technologies readily enable numerous advantageous monitoring arrangements like remote, continuous, real-time, and spatially-dense and broad in coverage measurements, and identification of long-term trends of parameters of interest.

Involvement of Kosovo in EU research projects with an emphasis on ICT is then discussed, followed by a SWOT analysis of the ICT research capacity in Kosovo Finally, the national background report introduces ICT research priorities on the basis of the country’s readiness, as well as priorities on the basis of future potential.

Then, the available structural and unstructured datasets of university are identified and accordingly mapped to open data.

Semantic technologies have been extensively used for integrating stream data amhedi. You are not required to provide your name or any other identity data – your participation on this evaluation is completely anonymous.

Besmir Sejdiu, Teaching Assistant in the Databases course. Riinvest University College, Faculty of Computer Science Supervision of master thesis Nora Pireci-Sejdiu, Comparing text similarity algorithms for query recommendations in search engines, Miftar Miftari, Ahmeddi of similarity functions in recommender systems, Reinterpret existing software solutions to readily enrich them with semantics.

Environmental monitoring portals receiving data from sensors have been a practice since a while among researchers. Semantic web, XML query and transformation languages, Materialized views on the internet.

In addition, over what links to actually calculate author ranking?