LSMW offers different technique for migrating data: Direct input, BAPI, Idoc, Batch input recording. While BDC basically uses batch input sessions and CALL. “hi guyz, i’m new to this group. i have a problem in LSMW. i have worked with LSMW using the direct input and batch input session. i have no idea how to use. When to use LSMW, BDC, BAPI and there difference also Which one functional must know apart from LSMW? Kindly explain to me. Regards.

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It must have been the reason as now IDoc is getting generated.

Using BAPI Method in LSMW

May 17, at 6: After clicking Maintain ports you get the screen shown below. This is a bai advantage, however, if many persons work in the same LSMW project you can as well face some disadvantages.

June 8, at 7: Each field is 15 character long, the maximum length of the conversion file name is 45 characters. January 23, at 1: You will have to do the same for Subproject and Object. You get then a pop-up to define the layout. What steps you have to perform depends on the import method you chose in step 1 Maintain object attributes.


Using BAPI Method in LSMW

Can you tell me how to do the mapping? The subproject is a lower part of your project. BUS, Standard material Method: But there is no harm if you add it manually, which usually has to be done hapi Test and production systems as you do not carry out step 1 anymore.

September 27, at 8: The object is the lowermost part where you actually define the migration for a lsmmw business object or a part of it.

LSMW Material master by BAPI method – Part 1

Text needs to be maintained in German and English language, English text is identical to German text. In case the pictures do not show up.

I have only used LSMW for mass creation of codes and extending and i start from specify files. However, if you have to do it yourself, then you need to make use of the buttons next to those fields.

December 27, 7 minute read.


See this slide for more: December 3, at 9: As an example I use a real business case: Anyhow, you can have as many subprojects and objects per project as you want. BAPIs to load customer master? Of course you dont have the project that I used not in your system, bpai it is a name that you give yourself.

lsmww I highlighted the steps which are variable on the import method. If you have to work with a certain path, then this path will occupy a part of the conv file name. Could, you please help me out with this. I know i have many question please bear with me. I see no problem in using exact the same Excel template for changes like it is used for creating.

The project is usually self-explaining, it is the name of your project.

I tried to use the method here. June 9, at 8: