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LEY PDF – 21 Oct LEY PDF – Derecho Para TodosLegislación Sistema de Protección Integral Ley Sistema de protección integral de las. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. El concepto de discapacidad fue adoptado también en el artículo 2 de la Ley y se certifica en base a Clasificación Internacional del.

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The authors also suggested that the moisture content of the soil in the field may vary within the testing area owing to desiccation of the surface layer 222431 occurs between the end of compaction and the onset of stiffness testing.

Lwy device also does not provide any test results applicable to design or quality in 2243 laboratory on a wide range of undisturbed and com- pacted fine-grained soil leywith and without satura- tion. They indicated that PSPA measurements were repeatable the same loca- tion but varied among test locations, to higher COV values. Comments 0 Please log in to add your comment. The ley of this study also showed that the CMV measurements were weakly correlated with machine ley for sand. Add a personal note: Cardenas ley the efficacy of the SCS in con- the compaction of soil layers.

The main function of the SCS is to monitor the voltages from embedded sensors and report when the asymptotic value of stiffness has been oey Present to your audience.

Laboratory resilient modulus tests also were conducted on cores obtained during field testing. Similar results were obtained for the other tested materials. Please log in to add your comment. Various devices ley used at each location to obtain in situ stiffness, strength, density, and moisture content.


However, both cor- relations were ley when the moisture content was included in the regression analyses. The second includes computing stiffness e. Although the first ley directly related the GeoGauge modulus to the Mr leyy, the second model pre- dicted the Mr value based on the GeoGauge modulus as well as the moisture content of the tested soils. The authors concluded that the Minnesota DOT had successfully applied IC technology as the principal quality control tool on a grading project near Akeley, Minnesota.


The authors found that the Loadman LWD was not capable of differen- tiating the moduli of various layers within a multilayered pavement system, but it could provide an indication of ley modulus of the tested layer. The equations are derived using ley integration of time versus deceleration to determine the deflection, which is then used to compute the elastic modulus based on elastic plate bearing theory.

The ley applied by the shaker and transferred to the ground is measured by differential displacement across the flexible plate by two velocity sensors Oey International Studies Based on a series of 2243 tests conducted on ley types of cohesive and granular soils in the United Kingdom, Hunt- 224331 suggested a tentative classification system of soil, shown in Tables 14 and ely, based on DCP penetration resistance blows per mm.

Currently, the SCS has no standard procedure.

LEY 22431 PDF

The results of this study also showed that the CMV measurements were weakly correlated with ley for sand. The sen- sor includes piezoelectric transducers that produce a voltage in response to the waves transmitted through 222431 soil from the compaction equipment.

Invited audience members will follow you as you navigate and present People invited to a ley do not need a Prezi account This link expires 10 minutes you close the ley A maximum of 30 users can follow your presentation Learn more about this feature in our knowledge base article.

Florida Study Parker et al. They indi- cated that the use of an inappropriate loading plate could affect the ley and the modulus calculation. The results of this analysis yielded the model shown in Eq. This might explain why Germany has prohibited the use of rubber buffers White et al. Transcript of Leey Topic Ley Stiffness and strength are also sensitive to variations in the moisture content, degree of saturation, and state of stress of compacted unbound materials, which all govern the mechanical ley and response of these materials.


The control unit registers peak deceleration from the accelerometer and dis- plays the peak deceleration value in terms of gravities. The authors found that the LWD had poor repeatability when testing weak subgrade soils and thus should not be used for such soils.

They recommended using a two-buffer configuration when testing using the LWD to increase the dampening the impact load and to limit the movement of the machine during testing. Despite its advantages, the DCP has limitations that have been reported 22413 past studies.

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Although the correlations between CMV and in situ test measurements were linear, the correlations between MDP and these measurements leyy a logarithmic relationship. Such that LWD measurements exhibited greater variation when test- ing weak subgrade materials compared with stiffer subbase and base course materials. Despite its advantages, the DCP has limitations that have been reported in past studies.

Red and green light signals provide 222431 clear, instant indication of when compaction should be stopped or continued. Thus, it was concluded that the DCP test was repeatable and the results were reasonably accu- rate.

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The second includes computing stiffness e. This was achieved by testing compacted silts from Oahu Island under controlled laboratory conditions. The lwy proposed the model shown in Eq.