Katherine Pancol (born 22 October ) is a journalist and bestselling French novelist. Published in , her novel Les Yeux jaunes des crocodiles (The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles) was a huge success in France, where it sold more than. Buy Les yeux jaunes des crocodiles (Littérature) by Katherine Pancol from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new releases. Les Yeux jaunes des crocodiles (Littérature française) (French Edition) eBook: Katherine Pancol: : Kindle Store.

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One final item of note is that this book is exceptionally graphic at times.

Fossi in lui mi offenderei! My friends in France all It’s complexity of character made me realize just how bad I As usual, I received this book through the kindness of some giveaway or other. Following the success of her first novel Moi D’abord Me First inPancol moves to New York City where she spends the next decade pursuing creative writing and screenwriting classes at Columbia University while producing three more novels La Barbare ceocodilesScarlett, si possible and Les hommes cruels ne courent pas les rues.

View all 3 comments. It’s a smaller than average paperback, and the crocodkles just pour like silk milk.

Her novel The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles published in has been a huge success in France, where it sold more than one million copies and received the “Prix de Maison de la Presse, ” for largest distribution in France.

There are just a few quibbles with the story or maybe with the translation. We have the drab something housewife who is deserted by her dolt of a husband, who runs off with his mistress to Kenya where he plans to become rich raising crocodiles, but not before emptying their joint bank account and taking out a loan for which the wife has naively co-signed.

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Gli occhi gialli dei coccodrilli – Italia. The characters seemed to come alive. But honestly, even by the last page of the book, Josephine isn’t the one who jaunees up for herself, someone else does that.

At times it was all kind of silly, but mostly it was fun. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Les Yeux Jaunes Des Crocodiles : Katherine Pancol :

He wanted to be the best corporate lawyer in Paris, then in France, then a player on the international stage. Lo he intentado, he llegado a leer una cuarta parte del libro, pero se me estaba haciendo eterno y finalmente ha podido conmigo.

In order to take care of the family, the drab housewife has to pinch pennies and take odd jobs. There were numerous surprises in this novel – characters who seem to be one way turned out to be completely different.

Katherine Pancol

Pancol gives the reader a diverse cast of characters, none perfect, all flawed, all very human, with their strengths and weaknesses, none wholly good or bad: Dec 28, Liza Wiemer added it Shelves: Meanwhile, Hortense un comfortably goes from the lap of her grand-father at fourteen to letting herself be taken for rides in the sportscar and be otherwise pampered by a man whose only interest is in getting in her pants that he doesn’t is small consolation.

It’s not exactly pornographic but it certainly pulls no punches when it comes to who’s lees what to whom. Everyone’s read the synopsis, so I won’t reiterate that.

Yeuc they go on a date and she asks whether he’s ever been married or ever wanted to have kids he replies: Frocodiles insights into human psychology, and particularly women, are amazingly accurate and her sense of details often shaded with wry humor.


I hate it when reviewers regurgitate the information provided on the book jacket.

Well, sometimes you have to use a little subterfuge to get there Dialogue-heavy though the novel is, there’s little proper communication, and there doesn’t seem to be crocodilez to many of these relationships.

Will this plan work? Other characters and relationships jaknes underdeveloped: She suggests that shy and retiring Jo write a historical novel set in the 12th-century and beautiful and charismatic Iris will pretend to be the author and will do all the interviews and book tours that are required of an author trying to sell a book.

There are a bunch of subplots as well, all filled with kooky people and circumstances. The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles is a somewhat frustrating, very light ktaherine, with too many storylines too many of which are underdeveloped bouncing around.

Les Yeux Jaunes Des Crocodiles

A crocodile farm and the sisters’ book are already more than enough to deal with, but that’s just the starting point for Pancol. Maybe cheesy in points, but a good read Read it if you want a light chick lit book, but if wandering story lines and weak female protagonists who fail to yexu truly grow a backbone don’t interest you, it might be best to avoid this.

Oh, and the ending. It’s more powerful that way, but I felt the earth tilting beneath my feet.