In the Shadow of the Wind is a Canadian drama film, directed by Yves Simoneau and released in It was entered into the 37th Berlin International Film Festival. Based on the novel by Anne Hébert, the film depicts a small town in the Anne Hébert Yves Simoneau. Based on, Les fous de Bassan by Anne Hébert. LES FOUS DE BASSAN’S REPLY TO FAULKNER. Gregory Reid. Anne Hébert’s use of Macbeth’s lament that “life is a tale told by an idiot” as the epigram to. Two teenagers who go for a stroll along a beach in Gaspe never return. When the body of one of them is washed ashore days later, the community of Griffin.

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Refresh and try again. Stevens, like Joe Christmas, cannot find himself. Le village est si petit que je ne pourrai plus jamais y rentrer, avec mes grosses bottes et ma taille d’homme. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

The essential myth of Les Fous de Bassan is that man is born of woman, symbolically of water, and depends upon woman for his growth, his progeny, his stability Woman must be a mirror like Quentin’s “niggers,” an “obverse mirror” of man and masculinity, and one way or another, of every individual man. In Les Fous de Bassan the women are associated with the smell of the sea. Like the birds they ride upon the wind, desire, and penetrate the sea, “womanness.

The failure of these men to find themselves is, at least in part, a result of the insufficiency of their social environments. Jones’s wife commits suicide by hanging herself in the barn after she discovers her husband’s lust for his niece.

Stevens’s smug contention that Olivia “est devenu femme comme les, autres” before she died brings to the foreground his adherence to this notion that we become “men” and “women” through the rite of coitus. Their hegert operates on conscious and unconscious levels. Both men fail to have offspring.


Faulkner works with the same basic symbology. In both cases it is suggested that the men were inadequate: Faulkner’s letters indicate that he frequently fell short of “making ends meet” while attempting to survive as a writer. Simon Gamache rated it liked it Sep 01, Lists with This Book.

Maureen feeds Stevens in exchange for his work on her farm. Stevens Brown connects himself with the black American. Stevens sees “woman” as one entity. Le fils que je n’ai pas eu. Even while ravaging Olivia he is conscious and afraid of the sea: Nora’s wild laughter, Stevens’s howling in the storm, Perceval’s idiocy.

Ironically, it is the schizophrenic Quentin who says to Caddy, “get out of that water are you crazy” Christmas feels himself without identity, unable to fit a role, neither white nor black. When Christmas takes Joanna Burden the first time it is with rage. In the rape and murder of Olivia, Stevens Brown killed innocence itself.

The Compsons of Mississippi suffered first as the South lost the Civil War–Jason Lycurgus “failed at Shiloh in ’62” and again “at Resaca in ’64” –and subsequently from the long economic decline of the South which ensued. In his fatuous imaginings of the wind and the water Stevens Brown becomes a parody of the Faulkneresque character.

Christmas becomes her clandestine lover. Nicolas Jones and Stevens Brown repeatedly express their need for the sea. Though Caddy Candace and her fate are the center of The Basean and the Fury, Faulkner never allows her to be her own narrator.

Anne Hébert, Les Fous De Bassan

Perceval wants to lick the salt from Nora’s body; he is most at-one-with the mystery of the sea. Joe Heert was a man searching for himself, another kind of victim, a black man, a tragic, perhaps even Christlike man who is eventually shot, castrated and hung.

In Stevens Brown’s revelation of his murder of his cousin Nora and rape-murder of his cousin Olivia, we find the narrator once again interiorizing the elements and attempting to suggest that they were somehow responsible for his actions.


If Quentin’s or Stevens Brown’s or Joe Christmas’s attempts to find themselves, to prove themselves men, seem futile or anachronistic or misguided or even tragic, we must keep in mind that the avenues taken seem to have been the only ones that their worldviews provided. Joe Christmas Light in August was the offspring of a white girl and an unidentified man who was probably black.

She offers no reaction. It is this confusion of inner and outer worlds which is the particular mark of Quentin’s madness.

Dr Tony Shaw: Anne Hébert: Les Fous de Bassan ()

Wind and air are the means of communication, smells and carried sounds the mode. Bmiss Petel marked it as to-read Nov 15, Stoddart- Fiction – pages. In the process of the foous, man and woman revert to their traditional symbols, fire smoke, storms, burning objects and water respectively. When he travels he maintains a coastal route, always under the influence of sea-breezes.

Fous de Bassan. English – Anne Hébert – Google Books

He is arrested for suspicion of child molesting and shortly after commits suicide by drowning himself. From inside the book. Marie-Perle rated it liked it Jan 15, Felicity Jones, Nora and Olivia are all pictured swimming, while none of the men seem to swim.

Stevens’s affair with Maureen gives him an immediate identity of sorts: Maureen is also connected with the smell of cooking. No trivia or quizzes yet. The elements at first attach themselves to Quentin’s flesh.