In this groundbreaking book, the renowned theoretical physicist Lee Smolin argues that physics — the basis for all other sciences — has lost its way. For more. The Trouble with Physics: The Rise of String Theory, the Fall of a Science, and What Comes Next. Lee Smolin, Author. Houghton Mifflin $ Abstract. Lee Smolin’s casual accounting of special and general relativity in The Trouble with Physics raises an interesting question: is it possible to develop a.

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You check things over and over and they keep matching. As far as nightmares and cold sweats are concerned It is a fascinating history from Kepler’s laws over Maxwell’s unification of electricity and magnetismvia EinsteinKaluza and Klein’s idea of extra dimensions to the quark modelYang-Mills theories pbysics, and towards the Standard Model.

Of course evidence for extra dimensions or supersymmetry would provide moral support for string theory, but leee would not provide confirmation for string theory itself. There is an hilarious part at the end of this book where he speaks to the educated general public and calls on us to hold physicists to account.

But science is unique in that it eventually self-corrects, it just takes longer than it should sometimes. His is more appropriate for someone with little background in this area, mine contains some significantly more demanding material which requires some expertise to appreciate. We seemed to be doomed to a partial data-set, therfore “no theory can be proved”.

When string theorists apply for grants, they are ultimately judged by program officers at the National Science Foundation or the Department of Energy, the large majority of whom are not string theorists.

The Trouble With Physics – Cosmic Variance : Cosmic Variance

And would Nestle sponsor that? Ho ho, ha ha …. Men and women will never be able to ‘feel’ what the other feels ‘down there’, but it sure is fun trying!


It is a book written by someone who is deeply concerned about the future of theoretical physics. First, there is not now a complete argument either for the finiteness of all orders string scattering. This is hugely problematic as various theories are predicting things found not to hold in the rest of physics.

To resolve this one should possibly follow the contrary strategy: This rotational transformation phsics called the holonomy of the loop.

The point is that it is clear people much, much smarter than me are utterly convinced by string theory. Lists with This Book.

The Trouble with Physics: The Rise of String Theory, the Fall of a Science, and What Comes Next

The abstract argument — about academic culture and the need to nurture speculative ideas — is, in my opinion, important and largely correct, while the specific one — about the best way to set about quantizing gravity — is overstated tthe undersupported.

Once before you have mentioned that one would need to be physids to transcend human emotions, limits or actions and reactions and backreactions? One can quantify this new situation by noting that there have been virtually no heavily cited new papers during the past few years, except perhaps for the KKLT one that is part of the landscape story. If you really are on a tight budget, and your main interest is in the relation of mathematics and physics, you should smolib mine.

Hi Lambchop, wow, you had a guide! Some have ended up contributing greatly to the field of physics, but the free-thinkers seem to be a dying breed under the pressure of modern academia. This measurement confirmed by multiple instruments.

The second part of the book goes through the so called ‘String Revolution’ of the String theory after every intellect and Physics craftsman thought that it would be ultimate viable theory. The fact that LQG or GR does not constrain matter is not the landscape problem that string theory has.


There just seem to be more important things to be worried about than strings and things — but given how often physicists tend to end up talking about God it is hardly surprising they spend so little time thinking about anything that might make the world a better place.

At least, that’s the gist I get from his at-times-self-deprecating style. Gina, Again, for the short version, I recommend reading my article. If Bigfoot proves to be only a large man in physis cheap bearsuit, then he most likely surfed to your door upon a sub-Hubble trouuble from within the Universe.

I was in S. I’m thinking it might be a good idea to start reading this book from about chapter 16, read until the end, and then go on from the actual beginning.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Indeed, this is exactly how Einstein did the calculation in: Though Lee told me that this part of withh book is considerably improved in the final version, it physisc seems to me that these chapters are the optimist’s antidote to the depressing conclusions from the previous part.

But I am of course happy to discuss with those who takes the time to read it and responds in the spirit in which it was written.