Labcold IntelliCold®Pharmacy Refrigerators – Feature Table. MODEL NUMBER. RLDF/G RLDF/G RLDF/G RLDF/G RLDF/G RLDF/. Door Seal – Labcold RLDF RLDF RLDF Fridge · Probe – Labcold Lock & Keys – Labcold RLDF RLDG RLDF · Rear Power. Labcold RLDFA Under Counter Solid Door Refrigerator Litre. Product no.: HRF Be the first to rate this Labcold Retro fit drawers for RLDF/G .

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Failure to do so may effect the performance of your refrigerator. Most require immediate action. This is the manufacturers recommend temperature for the storing of vaccines.

If the light does not come on and the fridge does not feel cold do not rldr the fridge, please remove contents and contact your retailer. Full warranty terms and conditions can also be viewed and downloaded from the Labcold website.

Power Type More information. Small enough to sit on a bench top or to be wall mounted by way of integral brackets, this versatile pharmacy fridge is ideal for surgery situations, care homes or schools, indeed anywhere where there is a requirement to store limited amount of temperature sensitive vaccines and pharmaceuticals in optimum conditions. The light will now remain on irrespective of whether the door is closed or open.

It will only display if batteries are fitted and you can still use the fridge safely Poff – when this displays it means there is or has been a power failure.

Labcold Pharmacy Fridge (RLDF0510A) W600 x H835 x D600

To ensure proper operation, please read this Instruction Manual carefully More information. This 05510 why sometimes you will hear liquid sounds coming from the fridge.


Light off Button If you want the light to stay on all the time, press and hold the light on button until the display shows L on. This temperature is the actual temperature recorded by the probes inside the refrigerator and as the fridge cools to the set point factory set at 5 o C so the number on the display will descend accordingly.

Outside the UK, warranty is limited to one year parts only. Home Laboratory Equipment Manufacturers Labcold.

Labcold RLDF0510A Undercounter Under counter IntelliCold® Pharmacy Refrigerator 150ltr

If this is blocked, water will remain inside the fridge. Front Panel Display The display on the front of the refrigerator is designed to constantly show the temperature inside the lagcold correct to one decimal place.

This model provides a large storage capacity on a small floor area. The light will now remain off irrespective of whether the door is closed or open. These Labcold Sparkfree products are constructed without exposed electrical components or sources of arc, spark or heat within their chambers to ensure there is no possibility of ignition internally.

A Litre Sparkfree freezer with operator controlled defrost for improved temperature stability. When loading new stock in to the fridge, ensure product with the earliest expiry date are at the front and used first. Where necessary to achieve the required temperature control internal air circulating fans are fitted.

Designed for albcold top storage, this professional pharmacy fridge is ideal for the surgery, pharmacy or ward. If the final version of this product has rldg differences from the description of. Failure to do so may cause hot spots in the fridge. Setting Up Place your fridge in the location in which it is to be used.

  JBL 2269H PDF

Do not place your fridge near a direct heat source or direct sunlight and leave at least 6cm all round the unit for adequate ventilation wall mounted models do not need extra space at the back because the cooling system is in the sides.

Labcold refrigerator SD card – Numark Ordering Online

labbcold Please retain this manual. Fridges – Chromatography Cabinets. A combination of any labclld the 2 can be stacked.

All Labcold pharmacy refrigerators have a factory set point of 5 o C. Keys and locks are only covered for 90 days under the Labcold warranty Error Codes The display on your fridge is designed to display error codes. When this process has been completed the display will show done and the card can be removed. This gives out heat as part of normal operation and is nothing to worry about.

Keeping your finger on the button, the display will then change to flash Hi Lo then revert to normal operation. A Litres Sparkfree upright laboratory freezer with operator controlled defrost for improved temperature stability.

This information is stored until the fridge is reset. Laboratory products from this manufacturer Labcold is established as a leading specialist manufacturer and supplier of medical and laboratory refrigerators and freezers in the UK. The labdold glass door allows for easy identification of contents without door openings and allows for easy visual stock checks. Archived product specifications The following information relates to archived product specifications.

A professional Pharmacy refrigerator designed for the storage of vaccines and 010 under controlled conditions.