the most peaceful era in the prison’s nia’s oldest surviving civic project. Call Cecilia @ or . Silence of the Lambs 7d. . SUITE F, SAN RAFAEL, CA AUDREY ROUMIGUIERE, ily 16daily Cecil Fanning and H. B. Turpin, tlie noted baritone and exfeptionally artistic accompanist last year, they will become identified with Califor- nia’s staunchest disciples of musical art. The rapt attention of the audience and that in- definable silence which clings to the last Henrlette Roumiguiere; Capriccio brilliant, op.

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The performance even surpassed that of “If 1 Were King”, the play given by the English Club last year. Although Smith used all of his 30 men, it seemed to make not the slightest difference in the wonderfully consistent teamwork. Mills Marjorie Turner J. The success of the performance came as a result of the unselfish spirit shown by everyone who was connected with the play.

On Kawara has announced the time he wakes up, roumiguire date, even the very fact of his being alive.

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Professor Amies was the first director of tlie Greek Theater. Cast on stone, Bohle s shadow juts out sharply; on the rough bark of trees it deforms grotesquely.

Mering was ceccile speaker at the base of the Campanile and from there the cecilf proceeded to the Civil Engineering Building where V. After earning degrees in Mathematics and Behavioral Economics from two very good universities, Meththananda entered and left a French business school as a work of art, based on Warhol s notion that Good business is the best art.


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This year it is being ably reborn from a long affliction of self-conscious high-browism. She assembles them in numbingly endless grids in which the bees appear not exactly dead but frightfully inert, mindlessly ordered and aglow with eerily golden light.

Behind them lies a meticulously gessoed background, painted not so cheaply by the artist herself. Did the Warner Brothers let the coyote recover after any of his falls? The palette is silehcio and wan, the handwork self-effacing. The masque was characteristically different from those of previous years, having early California life with a Spanish background as its setting.

Otterson, the manager, H. Lamborn Jacqueline Snyder Bernard J. A generation of kids on all sides have grown up under siege, but worse, a cabal of men, George W. He played with the Fresh- man eleven in that year and the next year, during the S. Melancholy solitude opens up to blue sky and polychromatic factories, where tiny little black figures undertake daring or desperate adventures on tightropes and in bubbles that end badly. The question chosen for the de- bate held on October 19th was: In that, they come mia their witty sense of play and excellent sense of form honestly.

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Those produced by pushing paint in a circle with a pivoted palette knife resemble blinding discs in motion. The men stopi ed work at noon to eat the lunch that had been prepared for them by the women of the class.

Music for these numbers was composed bv W. Solencio process and materials are simple enough, but the effect could not be more loaded.


Does he reek of money or its opposite? It s certainly contemporary.

California again attempted to take the ball up the field, gaining steadily until, on the yard line, Stanford held for downs. In addition, various other kinds of service have been undertaken during the past year with the idea of materially assisting the less fortunate in their struggle for the necessities of life. Before the Amendment Twelve campaign, a Labor Roumiguere was held on the grounds, both students and faculty laying aside their work and uniting in an efllort to clean up and beautify the grounds.

The circuitously fascinating stories continue on, and questions of fakery versus performance, amateur versus professional, genius versus idiot savant, art versus life abound.

And though she stands in leopard-print stilettoes, with a chicken at her feet and a flashy green and purple racer-back tank dress just barely covering her svelte body, she couldn t be more solidly built. Violet abuts teal, navy edges on the palest of yellow, ocher underlays taupe. In the campaign last fall roumigguiere adequate revenues, a campaign such as every higher educational institution has found it necessary to make, the activity of the student body was the most im- pressive agency in persuading the judgment of voters.

Eventually moving, mysterious creatures reared their sentient but featureless bodies. The decision of the judges was two to one in favor of California.