Having escaped to the Unknown Regions, Lina and the others seek help from the village people of Sparks. La Gente de Sparks by Jeanne DuPrau, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. : La Gente De Sparks/ the People of Sparks (Spanish Edition) ( ) by Jeanne Duprau and a great selection of similar New, Used.

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I believe that this book is very detailed as illustrated on page”People didn’t make life, so they can’t destroy it.

The People of Sparks (Book of Ember, #2) by Jeanne DuPrau

I really enjoyed the character dynamics DuPrau set up in this novel. The tensions were clearly presented, and the emotions were well shaded and realistic. The leaders of this village, Mary, Ben, and Wilmer, reluctantly agree to take in the refugees for 6 months, theoretically long enough to teach them to survive independently. Also, the message never seemed pushy or sparos to me.

As in the gehte book, I’m fairly sure DuPrau was writing with a movie in mind–and as with the first, it felt a bit cheap and hole-y for this. But it does offer a nice explanation of hatred and bigotry. It’s actually quite thought provoking, especially when considering jeamne fact that it’s a children’s book. This book did a really good job of capturing the tensions involved in a refugee situation, especially one where there aren’t enough resources to go around — a better job, I think, than most adult books on the topic.


I liked that pages through the book, I still didn’t know what would happen between the People of Ember the “cavepeople,” it made me think spaeks Fred Flintstone every time I read that and the People of Sparks. No necesitaron construir, ni encender fuegos -entre otras cosas- asi que nunca aprendieron.

The People of Sparks – Wikipedia

Is this what it was like during the Dark Ages, after Rome’s technology fell by the wayside? I could easily read this book again. But it’s also the most satisfying thing she knows how to do.

But, the people of Sparks are aware that before the Disaster, people had electricity, were capable of flight, had moving vehicles powered by “gasleen,” etc. I mean it’s never named, but I couldn’t figure out what it would have been in the real world.

La Gente de Sparks

Of course, it’s not that easy. I highly recommend this series. But, Please tell me that if there really was genhe war that killed most of humanity, stupid people would not be left in charge I think I preferred Sparks because the plot and dynamic was more interesting to think about.

This is the world to which the citizens of Ember se from the deep, and how many astonishing things are waiting for them!

Because I intended to know cuprau happens next, I picked the second book right away. She undertakes a journey to one of the old cities in gentw hopes of finding something meanne to the drawing she made in the first book.

The best image of all was the ending, which I won’t give away in case people haven’t read it yet, but it’s a nice tie-in to the first book, as well as a simple symbol of hope for the future of the characters of this book, both the well-known ones from The City of Ember and the newly introduced characters. Whatever made the plants and animals and people spring up in the first place will always be there, and life will spring up again.


Sadly, life got busy and it took me another 4 months to finally read the continuation. It had many fun qualities I really enjoy in a book.

R9 1 1 Apr 20, It was very touching though when Lina put ran to go help the people of Spark put out I thought that this book wouldn’t be half as good as the City of Ember, but I was wrong. If I had one problem with these books, it would be that I suspect the authour starts writing the books duprwu a “what values can I leave the readers with?

The Book of Ember series. I liked reading about the slarks of Ember seeing sun The weak writing, admittedly present in City of Ember, is more apparent here in the second book Anyone who would listen. People of Sparks is as depressing as the claustrophobic City of Emberbut at the end, there’s always a glimmer of hope.

When Ben tries to shoot them, Mary forces tente to fire over the crowd by kicking the front upward.