JIS C 8712 PDF

Buy JIS C Safety Requirements For Portable Sealed Secondary Cells, And For Batteries Made From Them, For Use In Portable Applications from SAI. JIS C through are standards for lithium-ion secondary batteries. JIS C JIS C through mainly specify methods of testing lithium-ion. Basically, JIS C “Safety Requirements for Portable Sealed Secondary Cells and Batteries for Use in Portable Applications” will be used for the technical.

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In a nail penetration test, a nail is pounded into the battery. This is a test based on the possibility that some conductive foreign material might get into a lithium ion battery and cause a short circuit. Materials handling equipment InAlessandro Volta, an Italian physicist, created a battery.

Email will not be published required. We save your entered data to send the newsletter. Photo credit top visual: However, since those events, production has begun a modest recovery, partly due to a Japanese jjis subsidy program. The test is performed to check whether the lithium ion batteries being evaluated will operate safely after repeated vibration.

This move reflects the expectation that battery certification based on International standards will be in heavy demand.


JIS C 8712:2015

SGS battery testing services can identify your target market regulations for cells, batteries and modules to ensure compliance with contractual or regulatory requirements. Then, inthe lead-acid storage battery, or wet-cell battery, was invented. The development of a safer and higher-performance battery has become a crucial issue for battery manufacturers needing to cope with these demands.

There was also an accident report stating that a Chinese computer using a lithium ion battery had caught fire. Fluid systems and components for general use The safety of lithium ion batteries must be demonstrated before they can be sold to the public.

Ensuring Lithium Ion Battery Safety in Japan – Japan Industry News

However, device manufacturers see a great deal of promise in lithium ion batteries as potential big sellers. Shipbuilding and jiz structures Major standards we handle Legal regulation: This observation was the first step in the discovery of the principle of electricity-generating batteries.

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Contact SGS to find out how our battery testing services can help get your products to market faster. At the same time, there are frequent reports of safety problems that come with these batteries. Packaging 7812 distribution of goods Later, inthere was a smoke and fire incident involving the lithium ion batteries mounted in a Boeing Latest News of the Blog. We can provide expert testing services for abuse, benchmarking, durability, electrical, electromagnetic compatibility EMCenvironmental, life cycle analysis, performance, safety standards and transportation on cells, batteries and modules.


All our services benefit from: W x D x H Temperature Range: Each test checks whether the battery overheats, catches fire or explodes after these 88712 of rough treatment.

Lithium ion batteries are subject to being vibrated while being transported. It is anticipated that the expansion of the market will accelerate even more as the safety of lithium ion batteries becomes assured.

We wish you a pleasant end-of-year holiday. Simulating such situation by mixing L-shape small Nickel piece into disassembled battery. Just recently, a South Korean smartphone manufacturer has garnered much unwanted attention in the media due its phones catching fire. Expert and experienced, we jus battery comparison testing against both national and international standards, as well as battery life cycle analysis.