JIS C 8712 PDF

Buy JIS C Safety Requirements For Portable Sealed Secondary Cells, And For Batteries Made From Them, For Use In Portable Applications from SAI. JIS C through are standards for lithium-ion secondary batteries. JIS C JIS C through mainly specify methods of testing lithium-ion. Basically, JIS C “Safety Requirements for Portable Sealed Secondary Cells and Batteries for Use in Portable Applications” will be used for the technical.

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Heat Shock Chamber Hot temperature: Lithium ion batteries have high energy density, which can possibly result in overheating and them being potential fire hazards.

Battery Testing Services | Consumer Goods and Retail | SGS

Altitude Simulation Chamber Temperature: Our ISO accredited testing laboratories and specialized local experts have extensive experience with battery testing, and offer a range of services to manufacturers and buyers in the industry.

Alert me in case of modifications on this product contact us. With their large output and long service life, lithium ion batteries power a broad variety of products from smartphones to electric vehicles. You have no items in your shopping cart.

Ensuring Lithium Ion Battery Safety in Japan

Forced Internal Short Ciruit test This test assumed that a conductive foreign matter is mixed into the battery. Road vehicles engineering In a nail penetration test, a nail is pounded into the battery. Lithium ion batteries are subject to being vibrated while being transported.

However, the cause of the problem has never been identified. With unrivaled experience we can provide all the required technical verifications, safety settings and jus auditing services.

Shipbuilding and marine structures Following these reports, attention was again his to the safety of high-performance lithium ion batteries. Company organization, management and quality. Internal short circuit, external short circuit, overcharge, forced discharge test.


Latest News of the Blog. Since the lithium ion battery can be used repeatedly, it is also called a rechargeable lithium ion battery. InAlessandro Volta, an Italian physicist, created a jiis. For more details, please send jid your inquiry from the “Contact” button. After the inspector sets up the test samples on the testing equipment inside the room, he leaves and operates the equipment remotely.

Construction materials and building However, since those events, production has begun a modest recovery, partly due to a Japanese government subsidy program.

Safety requirements for portable sealed secondary cells, and for batteries made from them, for use 88712 portable applications. D and ceramics industries We offer testing against the following standards: The test is used to check the safety of a lithium ion battery in high or low temperatures or when subjected to cycling through two temperature extremes, for example repeated high and low temperature cycles.

Mechanical systems and components for general use Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. The Federal Aviation Administration FAA issued an order stopping the operation of all aircraft everywhere around the world.

In SeptemberOsaka Prefecture announced a tie-up with third-party certification bodies that provide testing and certification services related to storage batteries in Japan. This is a test based on the possibility that some conductive foreign material might get into a lithium ion battery and cause a short circuit.

As discussed above, lithium ion batteries can overheat, catch fire or in the worst case explode. Why use battery testing services from SGS?

JIS C 8712:2015

In order to confirm that test samples work under irregular conditions and in abnormal environments, the battery testing facility is equipped with state-of-the-art test equipment ensuring highest safety standards.


Mining and minerals With an increasing focus on renewables and energy efficiency, we also carry out testing for renewable energy storage systems and energy efficient battery management. Major standards we handle Legal regulation: External Short Circuit Sytem External resistance: Just recently, a South Korean smartphone manufacturer has garnered much unwanted attention in the media due its phones catching fire.

A secondary battery undergoes repeated charge and discharge. The test checks the safety of a lithium ion battery, if a short circuit occurs outside the battery due to misuse of the product. You can always easily unsubscribe. This meant that the flight of the latest model passenger aircraft in operation at that time was suspended.

Revision of the Ministerial Ordinance under the Electrical Appl

With the test chambers installed, we aim to support battery energy technologies in a fast developing industry. Contact SGS to find out how our battery testing services can help get your products to market faster. The test checks whether the subject lithium ion battery will operate safely after receiving an impact that does not result in manifest, apparent damage after being dropped.

Each test checks whether the battery overheats, catches fire or explodes after these types of rough treatment. The advent of smartphones has rapidly accelerated the use of mobile devices.