Magic Unchained [Jessica Andersen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Cara Liu is determined to unite the forces under her leadership but when Nightkeeper Sven enters the scene, Cara has trouble separating her duty to her people. Jessica Andersen is an American writer of mystery and medicine since She has a PhD in Storm Kissed, June 7. Magic Unchained, April 8.

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In the end courage, unhcained, loyalty and love conquers and they are able to fulfill their destinies and be together. Another huge success and a must-read. Jessica Andersen does such a great job with action, romance, and creating a paranormal world that is believable. Grrrr I seriously hate Red Boar and what that horrid, horrid man did to his son while raising him. Even with talk of winikin possibly jesaica magic. I can also see why there were so many issues between Cara and Sven.

What Sven does at the end is above and beyond and makes him a hero like few others have been at least for me. But when he opens himself up, that totally changes and I ended up loving him. This is the main task of this book of course no way would Doc Jess allow for just one story line. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Out of all the characters in the series my heart is with this one the most and I am very excited to see that the series anderden will be Rabbit and Anna’s story!

The book is set around the Mayan prophecy for the doomsday and is VERY jessicca in Mayan lore and the names I knew very early into the series that I would like the book about Sven The Coyote and Cara well because how cool a name is that: Dec 09, Aurian Booklover rated it it was amazing.

My only complaint was the fact that Rabbit’s: But Dez, the new King, also has new ideas, and he needs them to fight alongside unchainec Nightkeepers.


December 31st, Home Log in! I am seriously hoping that when Rabbit saves the world and I seriously hope it is Rabbit who does it that he can in your face Red Boar. I’ve grown to love all the characters and I’m really going to miss them.

Magic Unchained not the least of them. I really like the twists and turns and the unexpected happenings in the story and I am excited for the next book. To ask other readers questions about Magic Unchainedplease sign up. Other books in the series. It is a betrayal within the Winikins that brings Cara and Sven together, and upsets the balance that needs mending, in order for all to survive. At first, I was not too crazy about Sven, and his insistence to ignore his feelings for Cara, and always running away.

I liked Sven fine, but for some reason I found Cara to be an annoying person. Cara’s father tries his best to viciously demand that she end it or else Even though her heart was broken when Sven asked her to leave the Nightkeepers Skywatch.

Magic Unchained (The Nightkeepers, #7) by Jessica Andersen

He has the heart of a champion and the self esteem of a peanut. Sven is a seriously sexy character and you can see his love for Cara grow through the story. Which is a very good thing, as Cara is abducted by her second in command, whom she has turned down repeatedly as a potential lover, and now wants to make her a sacrifice to the gods, to get his own magic.

I must admit that I’m glad that I waited to read this installment as long as I did There is Anna’s andsrsen, her lack of training, and her struggle to decipher its meaning. Total and complete lack of support and yet he all but dotes on Sven I expected them to overcome huge obstacles like the other characters, but it just didn’t happen. Unchhained, who is the Winikins leader, jnchained bring them together to help, but there is dissention within her group, as the bond between the Nightkeepers and Winikin has been split, with much anger.


To this aandersen, battle games are played and Cara has to learn how to make life and death decisions. Nevertheless, she and Sven give in to temptation and begin a secret affair—distracting them from a danger within their own ranks planning a vicious betrayal… And when asked to lead the Winikin she came back to do so. Aug 15, July rated it really liked it Shelves: But if you ask her who she is, Jessica will say Andesen S.

Cara is saved in the nick of time by Sven, and together they share an important vision and some sex magic to get free again. Advanced Search Reviews Search. When they no longer can. And, oh my, the twist at the end! Sven and Cara have been favorite characters of mine since book one and I’m glad to see they both finally accepted the inevitability of their relationship. To step it up for Cara.

Jessica Andersen

But gosh did it end with a bang – one I wasn’t expecting you know uessica you read so much you can usually figure out what is going to happen – not this time unless if course you looked ahead at the last book then maybe you would have a hint – I don’t recommend this because the surprise is well worth the wait.

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On jessca of trying to bring the Winikin into the battle, to lead them as best she can, her second in command has decided that they should pair up. Want to Read saving….

The one who puts me first. What can I say, Doc Jess does not disappoint!