The Ever-Present Origin is a translation of Ursprung und Gegenwart, a book which was published in German in two parts around and The central . Our purpose here is to become acquainted with Jean Gebser’s seminal work, The Ever- Present Origin [1]. To this end, it would be helpful at the onset to gain a. Digital Resources for Ever-Present Origin “Rendering Darkness and Light Present: Jean Gebser and the Principle of Diaphany”, Aaron.

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The central contribution of this book is Gebser’s analysis of the history of culture — mainly but not exclusively Western culture — in terms of the predominance of different modes of consciousness. Gebser symbolizes the “two-dimensional” mythical structure by the circle and cyclical time, based on man’s discovery of the rhythmic recurrence of natural events and of his inner reflections on his experience of those events.

They were identical with that world.

This means that our so-called “objective thinking” is not without consequences, is jeam innocent. It is difficult, it is dense, it is odd pages long, but I don’t want to miss a drop. I can’t say it is because I agree with him on everything.

It treads new paths, opens new vistas, and in so doing it is vastly, solidly, and subtly documented by a wealth of anthropological, mythological, linguistic, artistic, philosophical, and scientific material which is fruitfully brought into play and shown in its multifold and striking interrelationships.

This book is more important than any of the details w I am going to do something I have never done before. Katherine rated it it was amazing Sep 03, gebsdr In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

I picked this book up way before I was able to digest it. James Culbertson rated it it was amazing Feb 19, Ryan Cavalcante rated it really liked it Feb 05, Refresh and try again. This book is arguably the single most significant book on the planet, putting Flatland archaic “scripturalisms” to shame. In Gebser emigrated to Italy and subsequently lived in Spain gebserr he was attached to the Ministry of Education of the Spanish Republic. He saw that its metaphysical presumptions necessarily led to this ethical dead end.


VERY briefly, the archaic is instinctual and primitive.

I first came upon Jean Gebser about 15 years ago. Only when taken together as an gegser ambivalence, and not a rational contradiction, are they constitutive for the mythical structure. Gebser saw that it is the very consciousness structure itself which has played out to its inherent end. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

The Ever-Present Origin

Any attempt to give a direction or goal to the unfolding of awareness is illusory in that it is based upon a limited, mentalistic, linear notion of time.

Eileen Marder-Mirman rated it it was amazing May 07, Unlike the archaic structure in which there is a “perfect identity of man and universe”, [10] man is aware of nature as something within which his community must “listen” and act in order to survive. A “value-free” ontology like materialism leads of necessity to living “without value”. Views Read Edit View history. If we discuss morality, we can refer to amoral, moral and immoral.

He calls upon us to realize that we are what we think. New Titles Series Subjects Catalogs. Gebser’s integral philosophy is evaluated and applied to New Age thinking about a nascent shift in consciousness in the bookThe Return of Quetzalcoatl by Daniel Pinchbeck.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. After the first blizzard of an early winter, a Mennonite college girl with a troubled past appears curled up and bloodied outside the offce of her childhood psychiatrist. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ken Wilber referred to and quoted Gebser along with many other theorists in his Up from Eden and subsequent works. In his Coming into BeingWilliam Irwin Thompson compared Gebser’s structures of consciousness to Marshall McLuhan ‘s conception of the development of communication technology from oral culture to script culture, alphabetic culture, print cultureand then to the emerging electronic culture.


Gabriel rated it it was amazing Sep 19, Return to Book Page. Permission to reprint Permission to photocopy or include in a course pack via Copyright Clearance Center. The magical is tribal and involves participation mystique. In the etiology of the integral structure, being is existence life. Dec 07, Peter rated it it was amazing Shelves: Studies in the Evolution of Consciousnessand in collaboration with the mathematician Ralph AbrahamThompson further related Gebser’s structures to periods in the development of mathematics arithmeticgeometricalgebraicdynamicalchaotic and in the history of music.

This book is a profound gift, and, whatever it may come to This is a book of theologically aligned philosophy Are we willing to settle into the comfort of our daily life or to take on the process of change?

It was here that he changed his German first name “Hans” to the French “Jean. Philip Saenger rated it it was amazing Sep 04, He died in Berne on May 14, Perspectives on Philosophy of Communication.

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In fact, without already having an integral awareness, one could have no notion of time as “past” or “present”, etc. One of the most influential books I have ever read.

Gebser details five structures of consciousness: Any attempt to remedy the situation by a return to “values” would ultimately fail. He was also a published poet. The term “archaic” as used here is derived from the Greek arce, meaning inception, or origin.