Contents In the Shadow of the Silent Majorities 1 Or, The End of the Social 65 The Implosion of Meaning in the Media 95 Our Theater of Cruelty The whole . In the Shadow of the Silent Majorities (Semiotext(e) / Foreign Agents) [Jean Baudrillard, Paul Foss, John Johnston, Paul Patton, Stuart Kendall, Sylvère Lotringer. In the Shadow of the Silent Majorities has ratings and 15 reviews. فرشاد said : در این کتاب توضیح داده می‌شود که چگونه در عصر جدید، امر اجتماعی به وان.

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Enough theorists have criticised meaning, denounced the traps of liberty and the mystifications of the political, radically censured rationality and every form mjorities representation; however, when the masses wan- der through meaning, the political, representa- tion, majoritiss, ideology, with a somnambulent strength of denial, when they realise here and now everything which the most radical critics have been able to envisage, then the latter know not what to make of it, and persist in dreaming of a future revolution — a critical revolution, a revolution of prestige, that of the social, that of desire.

This is the ideal form of simula- tion: They have only traced their trajectory, they have only followed the thread of their history along the thin edge of the social stratum bearing meaning and in particular of the stratum bearing social meaningand on the whole they have only penetrated into the masses at the cost of their misappropriation, of their radical distortion.

There is no distinction possible between the spectacular and the sym- bolic, no distinction possible between the “crime” Jean Baudrillard and the “repression. But the mass is not a place of negativity or explosion, it is a place of absorption and implosion.

But then, if the social is both destroyed by what produces it the media, information and reabsorbed by what it produces the massesit follows that its definition is empty, and that this term which serves as universal alibi for every discourse, no longer analyses anything, no longer designates anything.

He is the author of Carnival of Repetition and Information Multiplicity. The “molecular revolution” only represents the final stage of “liberation of energy” or of proliferation of segments, etc.

Neither Subject Nor Object The mass realises that paradox of being both an object of simulation it only exists at the point of convergence of all the media waves which depict it and a subject of simulation, capable of refracting all the models and of emulating them by hypersimulation its hyperconformity, an im- manent form of humour. Sociology can only depict the expansion of the social and its vicissitudes.


In the Shadow of the Silent Majorities

In the s, magazines such as UtopieNoir et rougeICOSocialisme ou BarbariePouvoir ouvrierand the Situationists were unconditionally opposed to the official culture. In Jean Baudrillard’s words, “The very definition of the real has bzudrillard Now, with this inverse hypothesis, every- 11 Jean Baudrillard thing changes.

A breakdown which has all the features of a catastrophe, not an evolution or revolution. There is no longer any polarity between the one and the other in the mass. Present-day ter- rorism, initiated by the taking of hostages and the game of postponed death, no longer has any ob- jectives if it claims to have any, they are ridiculous, or unachievable, and in any case, this is quite the most ineffective method of attaining themnor any determinate enemy.

It is curious that this proven fact has never succeeded in making political analysis shift bausrillard, but on the contrary reinforces it in its vision of an omnipotent, manipulatory power, and rhe mass prostrate in an unintelligible coma.

To the demand to be a subject, he opposes just as stubbornly and efficaciously with an ob- ject’s resistance, that is to say, in exactly the op- posite manner: To ask other readers questions about In the Shadow of the Silent Majoritiesplease sign up.

In the Shadow of the Silent Majorities – Wikipedia

Beyza Akkoyunlu rated it liked it Jul 16, It 34 I n the Shadow of the Si lent Majorities only surveys on that belief which it accords itself this is the same wager as that of science about the objectivity of the world and which it doesn’t try too hard to verify, in terror that the contrary hypothesis might also be true, namely that the great majority of advertising messages zilent reach their destination, that the viewing public no longer differentiates between the contents, which are refracted in the majotities.

That the silent majority or the masses is an imaginary referent does not mean they don’t ex- ist. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. What it asks of its leaders is to be fathered and secured just enough, with a lit- tle daily dose of imaginary danger. No effort has been able to convert them to the seriousness of the content, nor even to the seriousness of the code.

The social manufactures this priva- Multitude between Innovation and Negation Paolo Virno. What contempt behind this interpretation! The social, if it existed with second-order simulacra, no longer even has the opportunity to be produced with third-order ones: Even the term “social relation” is enigmatic?


Whence that bombardment of signs which the mass is thought to re-echo. Media, all media, information, all infor- mation, act in two directions: They don’t reflect upon themselves, they are tested.

If all wealth were sacrificed, people would lose a sense of the real. But this is still the feat of groups traditionally structured by identity and significance. They don’t refuse to die for a faith, for a cause, for an idol. The fact of this implosion of contents, of ab- sorption of meaning, of the evanescence of the medium itself, of the re-absorption of the whole dialectic of communication in a total circularity of the model, of the implosion of the social in the masses, can appear catastrophic and hopeless.

It is interrogated by converging waves, by light or linguistic stimuli, exactly like distant stars or nuclei bom- barded w T ith particles in a cyclotron.

Implosive Critiques | Screen | Oxford Academic

It proceeds by inertia, and not from a new and joyous negativity. For the masses, the Kingdom of God has always been already here on earth, in the pagan immanence of images, in the spectacle of it presented by the Church. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Present-day ter- rorism aims at the social in response to the ter- rorism of the social. Goodreads helps you baudillard track of books you want to read. Far from being baudrillardd, it is the social which triumphs; the reality of the social is imposed everywhere. The implosion of the social maiorities to the masses. The masses have absorbed religion by their sorcerous and spectacular manner of practising it. But the inertial strength of the masses is unfathomable: The same hypothesis applies everywhere, the same axiom of credibility.

The task of all media and information today is to produce this real, this extra real interviews, live coverage, movies, TV-truth, etc.

An interesting new attempt to put nails into Marxism’s coffin, the book analyzes a Debordian spectacle and responds with nihilism.