James BeauSeigneur, a former intelligence analyst for the National Security Agency and newspaper publisher, taught political science at the University of. James BeauSeigneur. likes. Author of The Christ Clone Trilogy. #1. Birth of an Age: Book Two of the Christ Clone Trilogy. from: $ #2. Acts of God. from: $ #3. List View | Grid View. Books by James BeauSeigneur.

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May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Inhe was the Republican nominee for U. There seemed to be many ancillary characters whom I’m not sure really were needed It’s important to remember that this is a work of fiction. After a violent outburst by Decker, which resulted in a shining black eye for Scott, Decker grew calm and attempted to not listen to Scott.

Very good fiction, but I warn you only read if you are going to read all three of the trilogy. Catch us up with you. I never know how the story might change as I give the characters free rein to act and interact.

The writing style 4,00 is good; always to the point. If you are not sure, check your facts before you write it in a book that is being published! This character shows how easily we “humans” can stray from the truth, even if it is with the best of intentions. He still missed his family who died in The Disaster years before, and although he was in no hurry to die, he would welcome the rest when it came.

After a week of the heatwave, Milner arrived in Machu Picchu and made a plea to the sun-god to relent.

That’s All for This Time

Dec 20, Karen Medrano-rios rated it liked it. Those that have a propensity for intellectual writing; as opposed to sensational writing, will revel in the grandeur of these three books. One of the scientists decides to clone the skin cells, and unwittingly gives birth to the Anti-Christ. Quotes by James BeauSeigneur. As a general rule we do not censor any content on the site. So this kicks the pants off the money institution that is the “Left Behind” series.


What’s the Name o Only flag comments that clearly need our attention. Sign up for the WhereTheMapEnds newsletter and receive an exclusive and fun free gift: I’m a Christian as well, so I’m not saying anything other than the truth about a group of people I choose to be a part of.

A few more years pass and there is this weird event where millions of people die from some unnamed illness. Christopher’s offer was met with silence. ChristianScience fiction. That’s fine, I’m sure it’s the same problem for Christians who read books more aligned with my worldview. There’s a problem loading this menu right now.

Aug 03, If, for example, you want to know how Isaiah Like fellow thriller writer Dan Brown, BeauSeigneur has an occasional tendency to get bogged down in details, particularly when supernatural events are depicted as scientifically explainable phenomena. Public clamor for the capture and punishment of these terrorists grew until Christopher was forced to take stronger actions.

James BeauSeigneur

There seems to be no real rhyme or reason for the time frame. High to Low Avg. I became very interested in these books and do recommend them. But past all this, I found a lot to enjoy in this bwauseigneur. Christopher attributes this phenomenon to the fact that people are inching ever closer to that evolutionary step which will bring humanity into its New Age. A team of research scientists is given brief access to study the Shroud of Turin, believed by some to be the burial cloth of Jesus.

Alternate jame of Catholic society with a clone slave class.

You can help by adding to it. However, given the nature of this evolutionary step – that of evolving into nearly omnipotent Spirit Beings – this step must be taken collectively by the entire species, rather than though natural selection of individual members of the human race.


They enter a huge warehouse that was stocked floor to ceiling, wall-to-wall with Christopher’s blood. Beauseigneurr will read the second book, but I may want to read something else first. Today most Christians lack a sense of reality and really just long for the end to come and prove their faith the “best ever. Discover new books on Goodreads.

Then we learn some weird stuff like that John the Apostle is still wandering around and it was really him not Judas that betrayed Jesus or something and we know it because the clone of Jesus remembers it that way. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. It starts out okay with the Turin expedition and the cloning and later, Decker’s kidnapping in Potentially interesting idea ruined beauseignekr a bad storyteller James BeauSeigneur may be an experienced politician and diplomat, ebauseigneur after reading reviews on Amazon, people seemed to think he’s also a great storyteller.

His wife and daughters had reincarnated immediately after their deaths, and Decker would not be old and tired after the Communion, and he could go to them and reunite his family. Dec 22, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Search for a book to add a reference. The same journalist that was like, psshh aliens, goes holy moly that explains it! Series by James BeauSeigneur. I may have to go read that one again! There are quite a number of Christian novels concerning prophetic events out there, I think these are some of the best and are “good novels” not just good “Christian” novels.