If God is not alive in you, you are not alive on this earth. For centuries and centuries you have been taught wrong, and the result is God has. Jaap Sahib Steek-Prof Sahib Singh-Punjabi by toshaak in Types > Books – Non- fiction, sikh Mahan Kosh Vol 1 Kahan Singh Nabha – English Translation. Jaap Sahib (Steek) (Punjabi). Read more steeks on Sikh Scriptures by visiting Uploaded by Singh Translation of Jaap Sahib in.

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God sustains everyone at all places at all times. His origin is unknown.

> Sri Jaap Sahib English Translation

It comes from the third center of balanced naad. God gives light to all the suns of the universe and He, Himself shines like millions of suns. God is Unique but visible in countless forms, created by Himself. God is Impassable, Unborn, Unsubstantial, and Intangible. Salutation to the Immanent.

God is the Killer of gods of death. God is the Creator of all the languages. You can enjoy life. That was the price of life.


Understand the fact that god has no name but is called by various names by devotees based on their experience and the blessings they have obtained from him. He is Immanent and Broad minded.

December 16, at 4: Salutation to the Transcendent Saint of all the yogis and sidhas classes of saints. Szhib site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Jaap Sahib – Wikipedia

God cannot be punished by anybody. What was the miracle that gave them such power? Salutation to the Indubitable.

The Incorporeal God is the Destroyer of the trimorphic world. Salutation sahin God who is beyond sensual desires. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: God is the transcendent Sun of all suns. Nothing else will work it out. Salutation to God who is respected everywhere. God is Unwavering and Incorporeal. God is the Greatest enemy of all sins. Salutation to God who is greeted by all. God is everlasting Beautification. He also gives salvation and fulfulls all wishes. God can extinguish the burning suns.

Salutation to the Unattired. God cannot be established; He is boundless. You do not understand your basics.


Salutation to God who is present in all dresses. God is Unfathomable and Immutable. Salutation to the greatest Yogi of all yogies; Salutation to the Knowledge of all the knowledgeables.

To praise God is the way we have been taught. God is transcendent Master of all the heroes. God is beyond name and desire.

Not by any human being; no human being can give you anything anyway. God is Incorporeal and Beautiful form. Salutation to God who is present in all forms. God is Immortal, Omnipotent, Omnipresent and beyond any country.

What a person is saying and what he actually means are two different dimensions. December 28, at 5: God who is One, is realized by the blessings of the True Guru.

Salutation to the Liberator. God is Unbruised and Unlimited. God illuminates all the moons of all the solar systems in the universe.