Régis Soavi regularly conducts workshops at the dojos in Milano, Paris, Toulouse and Rome, and at the summer workshop of the Itsuo Tsuda School in Mas. L’ecole Itsuo Tsuda propose la découverte de la philosophie pratique de Maître Tsuda à travers l’Aïkido et le Katsugen Undo. Exposition à l’occasion de la publication du livre “Itsuo Tsuda calligraphies de Printemps.

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Modern society created that difference, it has created the teenage which by the way teenage is now up to forty yearsthe third and then the fourth age, and so on. The rest was, as Tsuda said very well, a way to verify to what extent I was getting with my breathing.

At the same time, this space is not only physical. To seek a pre-determined goal only hinders the natural evolution of our nature.

The other was developped by Master Haruchika Noguchi, a half century ago. The practice of katsugen undo allows you to practice Aikido in this way, it is for me a base, the basic.

Everything is calculated, inculcated, schooled, and ordered. Previously, it was to me just the name of a technique, with Itsuo Tsuda this notion became much more concrete, firstly by the orientation of his practice.

Even though it is an improvisation, itsuk are gestures which are a bit like a ritual. Does Seitai contain a reference, close or remote, to a religious tradition, as does Aikido?

Itsuo Tsuda – Itsuo Tsuda School

The time just to wear the hakama is decided by the practitioners theirselves, after talking with elders or the Sensei. He wished to be considered above all as a philosopher and writer. What are its origins? At seventeen, he formulates the Precepts of Full Life Zensei Kunwhich helps to better understand his thinking. Soavi, when you met Itsuo Tsuda in the 70s you were already engaged in the practice of martial arts. What was the meaning of his refusal to accept the family heritage? Aspects like aggressiveness, competitiveness disappear, they fall by themselves.


If I have some microbes in my body, the body creates a fever and produces home-made antibiotics, antibodies, etc. To activate the subtitles, click on this icon. He practiced with Ueshiba for ten years.

Does that mean that one learns itxuo take responsibility for the other as well? He found Tsuda, who until then knew nothing about Aikido, but he was deeply interested at once. Some tauda chosen to dedicate much of their lives to it. There is a challenge in this, for the human being is viewed in a dimension that transcends any given period, place or tradition.

Even if we do nothing the bones knit, simply because we are alive! In a world of unbridled accumulation and filling up, there are places where you can work with less. The technique is there to allow through its precision to find the lines that help us breathing better, to get better into the fusion.

A lot of people may very easily deviate, perhaps because in the Regenerating Movement there is in fact nothing to do, just be there, close your eyes, empty your head. He had discovered that, with Katsugen Undo, there was no more need for someone to heal us.

Stages de Régis Soavi Sensei / – Itsuo Tsuda School

In Aikido this fusion of feelings between people allows you to practice in another way. The session will begin. We called him Mr. I agree, but there are so many people who live only to give: That was what shocked me. Theoretically, there exist two forms of regenerating movement: Ki activates the vital capacities of the individual, but we are already itsho of ki! It is certainly an art that has managed to adapt to the new realities of our time.

Archives par mot-clé : katsugen undo

It is also for this reason that I often ask to work slowly. He had never practised any martial arts. This applies to many other techniques, the way to get in, to reach the center, the hara, and so on. According to me the way of thinking that seems closest to this is agnosticism, a tsuds current which is little known, or rather known in a superficial way, but which allows to integrate all the different schools.

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As the body becomes more sensitive, one can experience some perturbing sensations, which can repel those who lack a good initial understanding.

Ueshiba, Yamaguchi Sensei, etc. Through the philosophy he has developed, Itsuo Tsuda contributes to the evolution of mankind.

Everybody can do it. The particular character of the Itsuo Tsuda School derives from the fact that we are more interested in individuality than in itsup dissemination of an art or a series of techniques. Aikido should lead to a balance. It is a kind of communication that I establish with my students.

I came from the world of Itsup, with the images transmitted to us, for example, that of the cherry tree branch covered with snow which all of a tuda lets the snow slide down and the branch straightens up.

That is why one practises slowly at the beginning of sessions, to allow for the harmonization of gestures through respiration. What made you decide to consecrate to the Aikido of Itsuo Tsuda? With Tsuda, the orientation changed. This may seem odd, but his ideal Aikido was that of girls.

This was the beginning. They do more than simply harmonize. Want to receive future articles? His father came from a family of Samourai, who became factory owners and business heads at the Meiji modernization.