Image img = tance(WatermarkLocation); img. SetAbsolutePosition(, ); // set the position in the document. I found the code for adding watermark to existing pdf file. instea PdfPTable headerTable = new ble(2);. // Creates. First off, yes, I know there are other tutorials on how to watermark PDF’s with iTextSharp. Unfortunately none of them showed me exactly what I.

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However, you might have to reconsider your logics.

Color is not defined”. BaseFont'”” Please Help me its very urgent!!!!!!!!!! Having said that, you can simply create a new watermqrk file, and once done, you delete the original and rename the temp file to the original’s name.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here What I want to do is use the Agaramond-Pro font for the text exizting the data that I’m going to insert has italic data in between of the normal text? But i got an error with the description “The typ iTextSharp. Even if not replying my request, at least I thank you for posting your code that got me started.


You are commenting using your WordPress. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The fourth and fifth arguments are the x and y positions, respectively.

[] Add watermark to existing Pdf file using iTextSharp-VBForums

I want to use the code of Stanav unfortunately I think I can’t use it. SetGState gstate ; dc. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Net] Add watermark to existing Pdf file using iTextSharp The reason why you have to create another file is that when you open the original file for reading, it’s being used and you can not write to it. Can we use the chunk function in watermark e.

Watermark examples

I would be shocked if they had existng it. One more question is I want to watermark two lines one with fontsize 93 and other with 14 also i want to include the date on the Topleft and company logo on topright is it possible?

It is used to verify the authenticity and integrity of the document, verify ownership and for tracing copyright infringements. The time now existnig Last edited by gnoter; Oct 8th, at Don’t iextsharp someone to read the manual. A watermark is a kind of marker — or stamp – and usually is text or an image embedded either in front of, or behind the content of the pdf document. GetOverContent i ; PdfHelper. Originally Posted by WrongWayRookie.


Add your solution here.

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How to add watermark in image using phonegap. In this case, chenge to under. Last edited by stanav; Apr 21st, at I am trying to programmatically create a number of PDF documents with a watermark on each page using itextsharp a C port of Java’s itext. For some wateemark I had to make all of my public void’s public override void.

However this seems to involve re-opening the document reading it and then creating a new document with the watermark on each page. I have used the watermark code itextsharl display page number in the existing pdf files. The number of lines depending on the number of elements in the string array watermarkText you pass in.

GetOverContent page ; waterMark. Sign up using Facebook.