STANDARD. ISO/IEC. Third edition. Information technology — Open Systems. Interconnection — Network service definition. Technologies de. Find the most up-to-date version of ISO/IEC at Engineering ISO/IEC Information technology – Structure for the identification of organizations and ISO/IEC forms the basis of OSI naming under ISO/IEC

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Delimiter between ICD and Organisation code to be 3 spaces Delimiter iwc Organisation name and Organisation code to be 2 spaces Delimiter between names within the Organisation name to be 2 spaces No check digits Display Requirements: Organizations using Affable Software applications and data standards Notes on use of the code: Determination of the real source for an item of supply is one of the most important prerequisites for proper application of the Uniform System of Item Identification within NATO.

Date of issue of ICD: Intel Corporation, operating in several countries around the world. Business registered for tax purposes.


Identification cards 8438 Machine readable travel documents — Part 2: July Additional comments: List of International Electrotechnical Commission standards. Clear text encoding — Amendment 1: ISO register for Standards producing Organizations. Upon agreement or per request of the specific organisation. March 98 Additional comments: Usually English or French but could be the language of any of the user nations.

CAN/CSA-ISO/IEC | Standards Council of Canada – Conseil canadien des normes

Feb Additional comments: This program encompasses organizations throughout the world. Information technology — Computer graphics — Metafile for the storage and transfer of picture description information — Part 4: Not confirmed, awaiting above details.

Bank’s identifiers for financial transfer on the S.

Exclusive use by S G W Sponsoring authority: Length of registered organization id The registered organization identifier has a 88348 length of 10 digits including check digit Subdivisions of registered organization id There are no formal sub-divisions of the registered organization identifier. June 97 Additional comments: As specified in ISO Sponsoring authority: Web site at http: United States Department oso Commerce.


Information technology — Reference Model of Data Management. Contact for enquiries at S G W: Swiss banking institutions Notes on use of the code: Any organization requiring an international country-independant NSAP numbering space.

Publicly Available Standards

Identification of organization identification schemes”. No check digits are needed as the whole message has a checking mechanism.

JUNE Additional comments: As defined in ISOclause 4. Unisource Business Networks B. October 97 Additional comments: None, except all fields are left justified Description of organizations covered by the coding system: It is expected to vary from an hour up to six months.

Name of Coding System. Oct Additional comments: France Telecom will also use these addresses internally, and to provide worldwide customers with non-geographic ios AESAs.