iriver clix user guide – chisquared – download iriver clix user guide iriver pdf iriver pmc mp3 players owners manual – manual iriver t listening experience during the playback of your audible filesdownload iriver clix user guide iriver clix user guide pdf view and download iriver s manual. Download Iriver Clix Manual Pdf download iriver clix user guide iriver clix user guide pdf view and download iriver s manual online s mp3 player pdf.

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Selects the type for transferring file to PC. You may not copy or reproduce any part of this manual unless authorized by iriver Limited. Using janual plus 3, transfers file with the MSC connection type. Sets the levels of 3D sound effects. Reverses the screen 90 degrees. After the download is completed, disconnect the cable to activate the firmware upgrade.


The companies, institutions, products, people and events used in examples are not real data. Creates the database of music file.

Insert an audio CD into the CD drive and run iriver plus 3. Installing iriver plus 3 Installing Windows Media Player 11 1 1. Plays between point A and B repeatedly. Switches the radio reception mode between Stereo and Mono. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

iRiver CLIX Manuals

Displays information of Audible file which is being played. It is available only when the music file contains lyric information. Playing Audible file 1. All standards may be changed at any time without notice. Displays the list of recorded files.

Nanual is dangerous and is illegal in some areas. The product may not be charged in extremely hot and cold place. Sets the speed of music playback. Podcast provides portable media player 28 users with various kinds of audio and video files including news, dramas and other media contents. Automatically turns off after designated time.

IRiver CLIX User Manual

It may cause damage and malfunction. Select the [Ripping] tab from Windows Media Player Automatically turns on after designated time. Select [Extras-Texts] in the [Home] menu. Plays music file iirver. Select [Music] in the [Home] menu. Close all applications first before performing the “Safely Remove Hardware”.


iriver clix manual

Using iriver plus 3 and Windows Media Player 11you can save music and picture files from PC to the iriver clix. You can store 10 pages for latest 10 text files. Select [Videos] in the [Home] menu. Select Windows Media Player iricer and click the [Install] button.

Sets the speed of fast forward irivdr fast reverse. Determines the order of files. Selects whether the icons will be displayed or not in the [Texts] menu.