Ioan Culianu was a professor renowned for his study of the Renaissance, magic, and religion and as vocal critic of Romania’s post-Communist. A few minutes later, the police found the body of Ioan Culianu, a year-old religion instructor, slumped over in a locked stall in the men’s room. One of those victims, surely one of the most interesting, was Ioan Culianu, a Romanian-born scholar of the history of religion, who was shot to.

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The three former owners of the box have met with murder in centuries past.

Reflections on Cosmic Love in the Christian Tradition,” manuscript and correspondence, Some commentators argue that much of the revolution we saw on TV was staged and even claim that the KGB had a hand in it; others say the uprising was genuinely popular and spontaneous but soon provided a pretext for the coup plotters to make their move.

Before being killed, he had published a number of articles and interviews that heavily criticized the Ion Iliescu post-Revolution regime, making Culianu one of the government’s most vocal adversaries. He’s only going to get worse. A State Uclianu expert on Eastern European affairs, however, disclaims any knowledge of such a comment by fulianu American official.

Immigration and Naturalization Service. In Hyde Park, Culianu expanded his research beyond the study of religion, working to recast our concepts of magic, sex, death and the self. Guide cullanu the Ioan P. Visit “the best web site in the world” Observer, UK for a daily digest of the best writing on the web.

Ioan Culianu believed in multiple universes–perhaps because he lived in multiple worlds himself. Ioab took a Ph. Culianu sought the underlying structure of fanaticism and faith to find “the patterned predictability of thought itself,” writes Lawrence Sullivan, director of Harvard’s Center for the Study of World Religions. In the following days the widow of Mircea Eliade, a woman Culianu doted on, began receiving menacing calls at her Hyde Park home.


He lived in France and the Netherlands before arriving at the University of Chicago as a visiting lecturer, and then became a professor in the Divinity School.

Mazzarella said he spent 14 years at the University of Chicago before hearing about Culianu.

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Retrieved from ” https: Views Read Edit View history. Hans Jonas Storia delle religioni Italian Edition.

Iona keys and wallet were still in his pocket and his black opal watch was still fastened to his wrist. A month before the revolution, his Hyde Park apartment was ransacked. But the Chicago police say they issued no such report. We were asked to perform them. After much ipan he finally leaves the music box at a yard sale and escapes to freedom from what had become the intellectual prison posed by its secret. Gnosticismo e pensiero moderno: Following are chronological files of reprints of writings published from In Romania’s young King Michael infuriated the Iron Guard by turning his back on Germany uoan bringing the country into the antifascist coalition-or, as the ultranationalists saw it, capitulating to the Russians.

Other Romanian writers in the U.

The enigmatic killing grips those who knew Ioan Culianu. When he placed first in national literature and language exams, Securitate tried to recruit him, as it did most top graduates.

Ioan Petru Culianu – Wikipedia

Centuries later, inCulianu came as far as the University of Chicago. Six months before anyone thought Ceausescu could fall, Culianu published a short story in Italy, “The Intervention in Jormania,” that described a rebellion similar to Culixnu. Many compare Culianu’s death to the murder of Nicholae lorga, a famous Romanian historian who had antagonized the Iron Guard and is thought to have been killed by them, outside of Bucharest.


Some reports suggest that Culianu had been threatened by anonymous phone calls in the days leading up to his killing. AT FIRST, the police thought the killing might be the act of a disgruntled student or colleague, perhaps even a practitioner of the occult arts Cculianu studied.

Fluent in eight languages, the author of seventeen books, and the holder of three Ph. Les gnoses dualistes culiany English Choose a language for shopping. I miti dei dualismi occidentali: He said, it’s nothing to fear, just a rite of passage,” Arguelles recounts. The killing was so precise that when a student entered the bathroom minutes later, there was almost no blood yet, just a bluish arm dangling below the partition.

Unidentified author, “Korte Grammaticea van het Sahidische Koptisch,” manuscript, undated. Culianu, who was ioqn to get his sister and brother-in-law out of the country, felt that Securitate was warning him, says his friend Stelian Plesoiu.

Are you an author? The Maroon in your inbox. Etched into one toilet roll holder is a swastika, probably unrelated to the crime. Now, after sixteen months, the crime looks more and more like what Culianu’s ooan suspected it was all along: Let’s get rid of him.