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Basic Communication Procedures Provisioning Service Driven Interaction The provisioning service requests the data items to be modified in order to check inrernen they have been set correctly.

Certificates can be used for the following functional areas: Available with firmware version V2R2. The password is not persisted over restart. Mute Label for the key.

These will be added according to the functional area inyernen belong to. Additionally, when the provisioning service sends a “ReadAllItems” request see Section 3.

NULL Name to be displayed on the third internal tab. Underlying protocol for HTTP.

The user has the ability to originate, receive and otherwise control calls on each of these address appearances. AICS Label for the key. User ID sip-user-id Default: For the second key module, the key filegype represented by the index attribute are to for the first level, and to for the shift level. For Ringers per Keyset Line see above Section 4. Thus, provisioning service driven interactions are possible even when the provisioning service is located behind a firewall, or in a DMZ.



New passwords must not match any password in the history. When the phone has received the software file, it will reboot, thereby loading the new software. XMLPhonebook is a preconfigured phonebook application.

During the startup procedure, the phone contacts the provisioning service see Section 3.


The name is case-sensitive, mind the uppercase L and R in name. SIP registrar address registraraddr IP address or hostname. See the following table for possible values: Alternatively, the provisioning service can decide to construct filetypee message as multiple messages.

Layer 2 signalling l2qos-signalling Integer 0 to 7 Default: Type of file to be downloaded by the phone. A keyset has one primary line and, typically, one or more secondary lines.

Instead, it will reply with a message stating it is intenen busy status. Null If the number or name dialed by the user does not provide a domain, this value will be appended to the name or number.

OpenStage Provisioning Interface Developer’s Guide

If the value is zero, the internal tag alert-type[index] is set to silence 1 and ringer-melody-[index] is not changed as it has no significance.

On pressing the key, the user will be presented with a prompt. Hold reminder delay minutes holdringback- Integer timer Hold and hangup hold-andhang-up Allow music on hold Allow call transfer calltransferenabled Boolean 3 to 15 Default: In this section, the error-handling by the phone is illustrated by three interaction examples.


Free Gebracuh Keys FPK The function associated with a programmable feature key is represented by a feature id number. However, the WBM names which correspond to the parameters will be retained in order to make them more findable. If Transfer on hangup is enabled, and A goes on-hook, B gets connected to C. Note the content of ReasonForContact and the action attribute: This configuration is done by the provisioning service, for instance, gebraich phone startup; for the relevant data items, see Section 6.

To assign the specific vendor-encapsulated-options to the appropriate devices, the use of classes is recommended. Otherwise, the phone will perform this task.

On startup, the phone receives the address and port of the interne service from the DHCP server.

By default, both microphone and loudspeaker are switched on. These can be deployed using the provisioning service. The user has accepted a second call, whereby the first call is put to hold.