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Impirm, 8vo. It is the oak, in its full growth, compared with the same tree in its sapling state: Respect the character of your auditors; and, above all things, have mercy upon the phlogistic imagination of Lisardo! Poems by the Reverend Mr. At length the conversation was systematically commenced on the part of Lysander. But first tell us — why are these copies so much coveted?

Ferriar appeared; after which, as you well know, our friend put forth his whimsical brochure. Moreover, the venerable form of Sir Thomas Bodley has approached me; reminding me of my solemn promise to spend a few autumnal weeks, in the ensuing year, within the precincts of his grand library. Johnson has happily observed, upon the above beautiful passage of Shakespeare, that ” Gentle sense is very elegant; as it means placidcalmcomposed ; and intimates the peaceable delight of a fine day.

No more of this heart-rending subject! And so bibliomaniacs hug the very volumes of which they oftentimes know they cannot afford the purchase money! It was not published till the end of June,when the honourable editor sent it to me.

Bibliomania, by Thomas Frognall Dibdin : PART VI. The Alcove.

It has also a considerable number of duplicate plates, where a superior impression could be procured at any expense. These first editions are generally, with respect to foreign works, printed in the fifteenth or in the early part of the sixteenth century: My Guide perceiving me to be quite dejected during these remarks, directed my attention to another part of the Mirror, which reflected the transactions of the Western and Eastern world.

I saw the Life of Nelsonin two large quartos, printed in this manner; and it would have been the first work which I should have recommended a first-rate collector to have thrown out of his library.

Take any passage from any author — to wit: Advertisement of 10 pages in a fine large beautiful type, printed on paper of great delicacy. Lest any fastidious and cynical critic should accuse me, and with apparent justice, of gross exaggeration or ignorance in this recipeI will inform him, on good authority, that a late distinguished and highly respectable female collector, who had commenced an illustrated bibleprocured not fewer than seven hundred prints for the illustration of the 20th, 21st, 22d, 23d, 24th, and 25th verses of the 1st chapter of Genesis!


George Baker for press; and printed, since his decease, for donations to his particular friends. The second volume, with the letter-press complete, of which only copies were printed, was finished in Berryer was slightly copied by Caillard of whom see p. A copy of this book was sold for 3 l.

Look for half a minute at p. Sit mihi fas audita loqui. Sometimes, however, an extra embellishment is thrown into the volume — but this, again, belongs to the fourth class of symptoms, called Unique Copies — and I must keep strictly to order; otherwise I shall make sad confusion. Cole, “when I was with him in the autumn ofat which time the book was partly printed, told me that either one or two hundred copies were to be printed; half to be sent to the Earl of Powis, and the other half he was to reserve for himself, as presents to his friends; so that, except the book is reprinted by some bookseller, privately, as probably it will, it will be a curiosity.

For my part, instead of keeping this promise, I instinctively sought my bed; and imprum the observation of Franklin — of air-bathing being favourable to slumber — abundantly verified — for I was hardly settled under the clothes ‘ere I impprim asleep: Lucani Pharsaliamdcclx4to. He informed me that he had early withdrawn his attention from foreign trifles, and that since he begun to addict his mind to serious and manly studies, he had very carefully amassed all the English books that were printed in the Black-Letter.

Essai sur l’Art des Jardins Modernespar M. There were but few copies of this, now generally coveted, work printed upon large paper. I am indeed quite hearty: But I failed in every point: I proceed to give evidence of the present passion which prevails, respecting books of the description of which we are now speaking, by extracting a few articles from the library of which such honourable mention was made at p.


Yet these fanciersif prints themselves are to be collected, instead of being injurious to every body, might make themselves impim to posterity, and become a kind of medalists who, by the bye, are almost as great thieves as themselves, though the hurt they do is not so extensive, as it imprum chiefly among themselves, who all hold this doctrine, that “exchange is no robbery;” but, if they could filch without exchanging, no scruple of conscience would prevent them: On inquiring after him of the servants, they understood that he had set off from Litchfield at a very early hour, without mentioning to any of the family whither he was going.

I have not forgotten your account of Dr. An undistinguishable voracious appetite to swallow every thingbecause printed in the black-letter, must necessarily bring on an incurable disease, and, consequently, premature dissolution.

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At the sale of Baron Smyth’s books, inMessrs. Let me therefore urge every sober and cautious collector not to be fascinated by the terms ” Curious and rare ;” which ‘in slim italics’ to copy Dr. I have put these symptoms down in my pocket-book; and shall proceed to catechise you according to your own method.

Ferriar’s smooth numbers upon this tremendous symptom of the Bibliomania:.

Bibliomania, by Thomas Frognall Dibdin

His British Librarian has been more than once noticed in imprlm preceding pages: Fifty years ago, Madam, on this day, I committed a breach of filial piety, which has ever since lain heavy on my mind, and has not until this day been expiated. While I take my departure for Mr.

Ford of Manchester, Lorenzo is about to visit the book-treasures of Mr. But I am rambling too wildly among the Hafod rocks — I hasten, therefore to return and take the reader with me into the interior of Mr. Although astonished by the singularity of my situation, I miprim far from giving way entirely to fear; but, with a mixture of anxiety and resignation, awaited the issue of the event.

Johnes, and the late Mr.