Ilmul Advia (Pharmacology) is backbone of Unani System of Medicine. It includes evaluation of drugs (identification, cultivation, collection, storage) etc on one. Introduction To Ilmul Advia by. Dr. Hifzul Kabir. MD Ilmul Advia (Unani Pharmacology). Dept. of Ilmul Advia Faculty of Medicine. Hamdard University New Delhi-. This department was established in as an Under Graduate Department of Ilmul Advia (Unani Pharmacology & Pharmaceutical Sciences) of Rajasthan.

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However, it should not be forgotten that new preparative methods might alter the chemical, toxicological and even pharmacological profiles of traditionally used Unani medicines.

So mixture of drugs from different parts of world is available to Unani experts and it is duty of these experts to give best treatment through best drugs to masses.

It is concluded that Murakkabat compound formulations ilkul vast field to do research work and it is duty of not only of Unani experts iluml those having faith in traditional medicine, to come forward to accept challenges of modern time and establish new field of research not only of single drugs but in compound drugs.

Some drugs are repeated in the name of other drug or with same phytochemical ilml. The drugs, which are used in Unani system, need again to be trialed and evaluated.

During the last 30 years the department has made significant contribution llmul the research work on Unani Medicine zdvia well as for innovation in teaching methodology and production aid material. The adulterant may be phyllogenetically close or distinct eg. Murakkabat Compound formulations need to be modified in respect to preparation and ingredients. For example Arusa is very much used in different ailments of lungs. Therefore single case study for evaluation of efficacy of a Unani drug should not be ignored.

We use it in form of sherbet syrupJoshanda decoction but as indicated in literature its Rub, Usara, Namak, Gulqand, etc must also be prepared advla trialed for efficacy. By describing these facts, it is need of time to evaluate the drugs on such parameters, that principles of Unani System should not be neglected.

  ISO 8062-1 PDF

We should prepare drugs on modern standard parameters with unani concept, to compete the world. Enter your keyword Search.

This department is studying on scientific guidelines and authenticity. In relation to Pharmacognosy, Pharmacology and pharmacy of modern stream it is much wider and this single discipline comprises Iljul Advia Principles of drugsMufradat Single drugsMorakkabat Compound formulations and Saidla pharmacy.

There are certain preparations, which contain more ingredients. Can’t read the image?

Unani System of Medicine passed through many stages, countries, cultures and people. For example, when Joshanda is soaked in water for 24 hours then after 24 hours and finished preparation its marker should be established.

Razi a renowned Unani Scholar said: It is almost seen that wherever Toodri Surkh Cheiranthus cheiri seed is prescribed or added in compound drugs, Toodri Safed Lepidium iberis seed is also added.


It is ancient adviw and work on this is being done very little. As in preparation of Kushta, heat should be given in terms of temperature regulated by computer but still now we are doing in terms of weight of dung cake.

Pueraria tuberosa, commonly known as Vidarikand in India, is an important plant used in traditional medicine. Since the establishment of the Department, it has shown a lot of progress academically. It should be clear that particular drug is toxic or has side effect or after effect in such a way to clear the facts. It includes Saidla Pharmacy which guides in proper way to prepare Murakkabat compound formulation. If well known Unani Medicines are formulated into a new mixture, however, the requirements for proof of safety and efficacy should take into account the well-established uses of each Unani Medicine.

The dose of drug is also to be modified; some doses are to be taken in bulk quantity. It has wide scope to study as well as research. As in preparation of Kushta, heat should be given in terms of temperature regulated by computer but still now it is being done in terms of weight of dung cake. In Unani literature drugs are described in similarities. It includes evaluation of drugs identification, cultivation, collection, storage etc on one hand and action and uses on the other.


The special context of Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy, Standardization, of Unani drugs. As now we are living in computer age. J Homeop Ayurv Med 3: A variety of teaching and learning techniques are employed to impart knowledge and skills to students. Such i,mul may appear in authoritative national documents such as pharmacopoeias or official guidelines of national authorities or in highly respected scientific publication imlul by consultation with traditional medical practitioners but well-established randomized controlled clinical trials provides the highest level of evidence for efficacy.

Muzir is also described in Unani books as muzir to Garm Mizaj, Muzir to Meda but there is no particular regarding. It is much wider advoa relation to Pharmacognosy, Ilmil and pharmacy of modern stream. Some drugs like Afsanteen Artemisia absynthium is either not found or difficult to find authentic drug in the market or other species are present, so we should replace it or genuine drug should be obtained, like this adulteration in Sudab Ruta graveolanceBaobarang [ 1 – 3 ] Embelia ribesBanafshah Viola odorataSenna [ 3 ] Cassia angustifolia, Cassia acutifoliaBiskhapra [ 2 ] Trianthema portulastrumChiraita [ 1 – 3 ] Swertia ChirataKasoos Cuscuta reflexa from its adulterant Cuscuta chinensis [ 4 ] must also be checked and properly identified.

It needs iluml work if we consider this matter seriously we can divide broadly in following research areas. Such studies facilitate the acceptance of Unani Medicines in different regions and in people.

Int J Food Sc Nutr Ilkul on possible other than mentioned therapeutic effects in Unani Medicine, prepared from herbal, minerals or animal mixture or specific combination of herbs should be carried out.