igus® energy chains overview: shop with a wide selection of energy chains and energy tubes, The e-chain® catalogue can be downloaded directly online!. E-Chain® Catalogue pages with an overview of the igus® E-ChainSystems®: 5 . Separators for the adaptation of the interior separation in the cable layout. Dirt-proof. Drag chain with chip protection, single-sided swivelling, medium sizes; versatile, modular, interior separation. To the energy chains catalogue.

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To the test laboratory.

Online Catalogs

Abrasion-resistant, oval corrugated hose that collects and potential abrasion. A finished engine every 14 seconds. To the offshore energy chain shop. More information on energy chains. To the E3 shop. Overview of requirements All energy chains for special applications. TechTalk Design advice series Technical articles answering your most pressing inquiries in-depth.

Consulting I would be happy to answer your questions xrag. Reduce downtime and increase the drrag life of cables and hoses. Rubber-tyred robot cranes are automatically coupled to an energy chain system.

This allows us to provide you with a secure login, to collect statistical information for enhanced website functionality and to provide you with content that is tailored to your needs. This avoids unnecessary storage space and waste of resources. Inner heights from 38 to 48mm. chaih


System E1 — energy chain on a band Modular, single piece band for simple applications. Diverse, modular interior separation. Inner heights of 10 to 15mm. To the twisterband shop. To the snapchain shop.

General overview of e-chain systems®

E2 micro Product Overview. To the E2 R shop. Guide trough systems for long travels From the lightweight and universally deployable “Super Alu” guide trough through to the simple and cost-effective snap-in trough. To the assembly tools shop.

To the guidelok horizontal shop. Here, two robots were equipped with a wide range of guided cables and hoses involving complex geometric design.

Inner heights of 21 to 80mm. To the cleanroom shop. To the guidelok slimline shop. Low vibration, high speeds, wear-resistant. To the E1 shop.

To the technical data. For highly dynamic applications; according to hygienic design principles. Can run side-mounted over travels ft and more.

With file formats for a wide variety of systems. Long travels and heavy duty. Assembly tool for “frequent users” Simple opening and closing of chain links and big time savings in assembly.

e-chain® online catalogue – by system

Assembled to your exact requirements Our ready-to-connect harnessed energy chains reduce the number of purchasing options, parts list items, number of contact persons and the amount of installation effort to the absolute minimum.


The chain From the standard up to ready-to-connect. Request the kit now! To the T3 shop. Vertical hanging applications of up to m in length. E3 — extremely quiet, most confined installation spaces Up to 38 dB A. Inner heights of 56 to mm. Simply select required cables to generate interior separation for your application, enter the specific and ambient parameters of your application, and the energy supply expert tool will propose suitable solutions for your energy supply system.

TechTalk – technical articles. To the E6 shop. Hinged on the left and right. Additional strength and higher fill weights possible. They create optimal interfaces and increase your competitive advantage. This only works with a great degree of automation. T3 — highly flexible, low-vibration Extremely quiet running up to 33 dB Chzin. Openable from both sides, medium sizes, 26 to 48mm inner heights.

Crag energy chain systems. Two-piece energy chains, medium sizes, 21 to 45mm inner heights. Cost-effective alternative to complex cable trays. System E Product Overview.