Extracts from Arab Biographies by Ibn Khallikan ( CE). Ibn Khallikan undertook work on his dictionary whilst acting as a man of the law in Damascus and then in Cairo. From to and also after , he was. Ibn Khallikan’s biographical dictionary / tr. from the Arabic by Bn Mac Guckin de Slane. Main Author: Ibn Khallikān, Related Names: Slane, William.

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She granted him not one just share of respect, and established him not in the fertility of a rich pasture-ground. Help us improve this article! So that you tell me what I am to do.

The latter was apprenticed by his mother to inn druggist, where he was seen by Ab Osama Waliba, who being pleased with his disposition said to him: By which may pass a wretch so foul. Worn and weak in the seams. So that you may fix a place where we may meet. Abu Bakr Ibn Baki. The trees drew near to each other, even closer than friend to friend, and embraced even more tenderly than lovers. Its dark locks and crown turning gray. He studied grammar and philology under his father at Maarra, and Muhammanad Ibn Abd Allah Ibn Saad the grammarian at Aleppo; his numerous works are well known, and inn epistles have been carefully preserved; the Luzum, or poetical pieces, composed by him on a more complex principle than khalllikan required by the usual rules of prosody, are numerous and fill nearly five books; he composed also the Failing Khaolikan of Tinder, with a commentary by himself, and entitled by him, Light of the Spark Which Falls.

Yakub then paid assiduous court to an officer in the service of the governor Kafur al-Ikhshidi, and was chosen by the latter to direct the furnishing of his palace. A thing I had no desire for. Iraq, country khaklikan southwestern Asia.


The southern gales bore to that place its wine-skins filled with the liquor of the clouds; the meadows drank the wine of the dew, and on the flowers were formed drops like pearls fallen from the string. His occupation is not a trifling sport. In the first part of his life he professed the Jewish religion and pretended that he drew his descent from Harun Aaronthe son of Imran and the brother of Musa Moses. And prohibitions simply make me persevere. Not being allowed to speak of what passes on earth.

From her eyelids the daughter of the Kballikan. Damascus, city, capital of Syria.

Catalog Record: Ibn Khallikan’s biographical dictionary | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Two women lowered me down, from a height of eighty feet. I placed her at a distance from the heart which loved her. From a height of eighty feet. He was an elderly, good-humored man, well-looking, pleasant and lively; agreeable in his conversation, noble-minded and modest; in his manners conciliatory, kind and tranquil.

His mother Julaban was of that city; his father, who was a native of Damascus and a soldier in the service of Marwan Ibn Muhammad, the last of the Omaiyide dynasty, had been sent to keep garrison at al-Ahwaz, and he married Julaban there, by whom he had many children and, amongst the rest, Abu Muad and Ab Nuwas. It is of enormous scope—the English translation by Mac Guckin de Slane occupies over 2, pages— and it is not surprising that later Arabic historians filled their pages with extracts from his work, and that Arabic rhetoricians, grammarians, and compilers of anecdotes have taken choice passages from it.

Ismail Ibn Nubakht said: Why is my love still far from me? He forms two ropes into a ladder. To accompany its complaints with mine. In glory or in honor. The sixth was of a color which inclined to black. Besides, the author has incurred the penalty of corporal correction. Yakub was born at Baghdad and there he passed his youth. There was a problem with your submission.


The same author extracts this passage from a piece of verse composed by our poet: When he drew up verses, he put to shame the row of pearls on a necklace, and produced a poem more beautiful than robes of flowered silk; and yet his evil fortune domineered over him, and the days of his existence never brightened up.

It was as if the breath of my sighs had obliged.

Or a camp site where a tribe sojourns. When he had learned writing and arithmetic, his father took him to Syria and sent him from there khallkan Egypt, in the year CE. He returned to Damascus to a triumphant welcome to become kadi again, a post he relinquished in CE, one year before his death.

Ibn Khallikān

Buthaina, you bind me in state of torment. Reprinted,Johnson reprint Corporation, New York. They are even more retentive of their contents. It is these features that make his work of wider interest to the world outside of Islam.

This Askar could not write correctly and knew nothing except commerce. But when she did see him, she found him an ugly swarthy man, whilst she herself possessed great beauty: You will cultivate poetry; therefore become my disciple; I will conduct you to eminence.

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