M+01, ABSTRACT The IBM System p5 and System p5 Q deskside and 4U rack- mount servers are powerful, scalable database or. The System p, formerly known as RS/, was IBM’s RISC/UNIX-based server product line. In April , IBM announced a rebranding of the System p and its. Find great deals for IBM E8A Server. Shop with confidence on eBay! 2 of 3; Picture 3 of 3. IBM E8A P 8-Core P6 GHz Server, call for custom.

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An additional line cord must be specified.

Service labels are found in various formats and positions, and are intended to transmit readily available information to the servicer during the repair process. In dual initiator fast-write cache mode, if one of the two adapters fail, the failing adapter is designed to transfer control over to the other.

FIPS is a U. No max OS level required: Low price on choice of System p5 configurations Robustness: One processor activation for Attributes required: Ibmm Product Offering E6 Attributes required: Software requirements If installing the AIX operating system one of these: Cancelled in grayhistoric in italic.

FIPS is a U. The adapter provides 4-Ports of: IBM System p5 Solution Editions include new, affordable Express configurations for popular System p5 models to simplify server selection and ease capacity planning.

Two of the following line cords are required on a For the L1, L2, and L3 caches and their directories, hardware and firmware keep track of whether permanent errors are being corrected beyond a threshold. This tape drive uses IBM Ultrium 1 and Ultrium 2 data cartridges and is compression capable, providing a typical capacity of up to GB.


Does not apply – Rack Indicator, Rack 8 When added to an initial rack order, this indicator is used to specify the eighth rack for a multi-rack order.

The has redundant power and cooling. Now integrated in AIX 5. When ordering a for an installedan additional line cord must be specified for each This means that the load source is controlled by the first disk unit controller on the first system bus, and will be mirrored with a like disk unit that is also attached to the same first disk controller on the first system bus.

IBM System p

Does not apply Equivalent is used by the marketing configurator to keep track of which units within a are connected to this system. No External USB 1. When installed, the Service Agent can enhance IBM’s ability to provide the system with maintenance service. This feature is ideally ibbm for banking and financial applications. This cable is 3m 9. For optimum performance, the adapter should be placed in a 64 bit PCI-X card slot whenever possible.

This feature is only orderable as part of a feature conversion to Does not apply 4.

No Device Parity Protection-All, Specify Code This code indicates the level of disk protection desired and helps ensure that adequate hardware is in the final configuration. It utilizes non-volatile RAM.

Family +01 IBM Power Express

To increase the data writing performance, a 40 MByte non- volatile fast-write cache is provided as a resident part of this feature. The defaults, if no choice is made, are: The preinstalled licensed programs will be at the same release level as programs being shipped from the Program Libraries at the time the system is p550. Used on a deskside system with 2. Install feature number A system maximum of 6 of feature codesand are supported on the E8A.


Specify code is mutually exclusive withSW Preload Required The migration process requires that the installed model be at the same version and release level of IBM i and other licensed programs as the new server.

Features – No charge.

Error Handling and Reporting In the unlikely event of system hardware or environmentally induced failure, the system run-time error capture capability systematically analyzes the hardware error signature ;550 determine the cause of failure. Parity is spread across either two, four, eight, or sixteen disk units in an array. The Auxiliary daughter card plugs into a special slot on the planar and provides battery power pack and redundant MByte write cache memory for the daughter card.

The System p5 Q is available in 4-and 8-core configurations, using one or two 4-core 1. Featuresand are not supported in the CEC.

When Virtualization is installed in the system, all activated processors must have the Virtualization feature. No One Processor Activation for Processor Feature This ubm number will activate one processor on ihm processor card.