Hugo Klajn is the author of Osnovni problemi režije ( avg rating, 2 ratings, 0 reviews, published ) and Frojd, Psihoanaliza I Literaturaizabrani. ABNORMALNOSTI NORMALNIH – Tri predavanja iz primenjene psihopatologije sa 12 slika. by Dr. Hugo Klajn. Currently unavailable. Ratna neuroza Jugoslovena [Hugo Klajn] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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The most widely-accepted in Slavistics was Serbo-Croatian with possible variants for domestic use: This site uses cookies. The idea was that the national languages would automatically merge into one simultaneously with political unification.

Politika Online in Serbian. You are commenting using your Facebook account. He started writing about the modern Serbian language for Borba in From Klajb Commons, the free media repository. Who criticised the Agreement immediately after its signing, and why?

The way the things are now, it is highly unlikely that the planning of a joint Serbian and Croatian version will ever happen. He translated a number of books from Italian and English.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In practice, we see that people living in Belgrade have turned to Latin script.

Notify me of new comments via email. Latin script is more universal not because it is used in the countries much bigger than ours but because we in Serbia need it too for maths, physics and chemical formulas, for websites and email addresses, for car registration, for Latin quotations, for marking chords and as other symbols in music, and for many other things.


Greek Embassy networking cocktail.

File:Hugo Klajn Serbian – Wikimedia Commons

Through his paternal family, which lived in Vukovar for generations, he is hufo Croatian – Kaljn descent. The Dictionary of Language Conundrums, published by various publishers, has had eleven editions while his Italian-Serbian Dictionary has had five.

No newspaper, weekly or monthly magazine seems to write about the language as continuously as you have done for years for NIN? To avoid detection, he began using the pseudonym Uros Kljajic whenever he left the home.

Already an accomplished left-wing theatre critic by the mids, Klajn soon took on a beautiful young patient named Stana Djuric. Summary [ edit ] Description Hugo Klajn Serbian stamp.

National Day of Turkey.

BelgradePR SerbiaYugoslavia. Although Klajn continued his work at Kovin hospital, colleagues soon began to complain that he was not fulfilling his clinical duties. Born to a Jewish merchant family in Vukovar at the end of the nineteenth century, Klajn went on to study medicine with some of the most famous figures in recent medical history including Julius Wagner-Jauregg and Emil Kraepelin.

Language Is His Weapon

Fill in your details below or click an icon to huvo in: Forced to choose between his two passions, he opted for the theatre. The Embroidered Expressions of Pahari Women. He is a member and the contributor of Matica gugo. The exact reasons for this abrupt career change, however, are somewhat shrouded in controversy.


There are plenty of similar examples. Therefore, the most accurate concept, and the one deeply rooted in Slavonic studies internationally, is that different varieties of the same language were spoken in all parts of Former Yugoslavia except in Slovenia and in Macedonia.

Official materials of state authorities or materials published by any other person or institution which do public function.

Ribnikar has been friendly with the Communists since the s and Tito may have even used his house in a Belgrade suburb for secret meetings. Views Read Edit View history. Ivan Klajn Serbian Cyrillic: This federal law applies for both republics, Serbia and Montenegro, as long kllajn they do not adopt own inherent laws.

File:Hugo Klajn 2005 Serbian stamp.jpg

His views on languagerelated issues that emerged after the disintegration of SFR Yugoslavia are invaluable. Klajn never klakn to medicine in any substantive sense although he did occasionally continue attend meetings of psychoanalytically-minded practitioners.

He is a regular member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Artsand the editor-in-chief of the Matica srpska ‘s journal Jezik danas.