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Handover Triggering A scanning handover process is triggered if wimad thresholds are properly set, scanning handovers are enabled, and conditions are met. During engineering installation, the installation engineer reports the mapping between the position of each site and the ESN.

If you need to get information about your project, please submit your information and we will contact you within one working day. Enter your email please. Therefore, you should be cautious about running this command. If some other QoS parameters of the two service flows have different values, the priority determined by these parameters is preferably considered.

Procedure Step 1 Query and set the License information. If the conditions are met, the BS sends a handover request to the MS, which triggers a handover. Using space division multiplexing can achieve multiplexing gain. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.


In this way, data transmission efficiency is maximized, and a high rate is achieved. Wide frequency band availability simplifies network deployment and allows the system to adapt to various frequency policies with higher flexibility.

Each scheduling type supports different typical services, as listed in Table Run the following command: By default, the weighing factors of the golden, silver, copper, and common subscribers are 4, 3, 2, and 1 respectively. dbss3900

Original HUAWEI DBS3900 GSM Base Station Telecom Equipment IEEE 802.16e CE

After receiving the CINRs reported by the MS, the BS decides whether they exceed the threshold for switching from all the sub-carriers to one-third of the sub-carriers. Log In Sign Up. Figure shows the transmit matrix huaweo Matrix A. Moreover, the transmission differentiated service, transmission admission control function, and transmission overload control function can be configured to meet requirements of the customer.

In burst transmission, data generated at a low rate is buffered by the transmitter. Remember me on this computer.

The parameters listed in Table 1 are crucial to the establishment of the OML. The preceding three conditions can be used as the same time. We are high-quality partners of Huawei and Huawei Symantec.

With this technology, array gain and diversity gain can be obtained to expand coverage. In the rtPS, the BS offers real-time, periodic, and unicast request opportunities, which enable the service flow to inform the BS of its variable requirements for bandwidth on a dimax basis so that the BS can grant variable burst bandwidth on a periodic basis for the service flow to wimad variable-size packets.


For the best results, we recommend including the following details: By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Click the DBS Wimax tab to view the imported data.

One item is selected or no item is selected. Its coverage and capacity are expanded through 4T4R multi-antenna technologies, its maintainability and testability are improved, and thus it provides subscribers with the wireless broadband access services of large capacity and high quality.

DBS WiMAX Feature Configuration Guide | Panku Singh –

High-priority services such as the UGS of high-priority users such as handover users are admitted on a preferential basis. With this feature, local software commissioning is not necessary during site deployment. PCs can be categorized into two types: Product Versions The following table lists the product versions related to hyawei document.

Meanwhile, different signals are transmitted in different timeslots by the same antenna, and therefore receive diversity can be implemented at the receiver.