History of Baalbek [Michel M. Alouf, Tedd St Rain] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. At one time, the worldwide fame of the ruins at Baalbek. Baalbek is an ancient Phoenician city located in what is now modern day Lebanon, north of Beirut, in the Beqaa Valley. Inhabited as early. Author: Michel M. Alouf; Category: Voyages; Length: Pages; Year:

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All blend together as one, and not perhaps without reason. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. Immediately behind the Propylaeum abalbek a hexagonal forecourt [70] reached through a threefold entrance [73] that was added in the mid-3rd century by the emperor Philip the Arab.

Yet incorporated into one of its courses are the three largest building blocks ever used in a man-made structure. Invisible Helpers by Charles Webster Leadbeater.

History of Baalbek · | OUR Heritage

The first time, he requested a written reply to his sealed and unopened question; he was favorably impressed by the god’s blank reply as his own paper had been empty. An outer podium wall, popularly known as the ‘Great Platform’, is seen by scholars as contemporary to the Roman temples.

InJean-Pierre Adam made a brief study suggesting most of the large blocks could have been moved on rollers with machines using capstans and pulley blocks, a process which he theorised could use workers to move a tonnes tons block. Like Byblos, Sidon was a Phoenician city-port on the Lebanese zlouf, while Pontus was an ancient kingdom situated on the Black Sea in what is today north-eastern Turkey.

Byblos is the clear name used in Plutarch’s account, but for some reason noted Egyptologists such as Sir E. See the author’s From the Ashes of Angels, Ch. After a fashion she convinces the queen to give ihstory the pillar, which is then opened to reveal the body of Osiris. Kf the temple complex expanded throughout Roman times, the existing foundations extended southwards, beyond the inner podium, to where the Temple of Bacchus or Mercury was eventually constructed in the middle of hisgory second century BC.


Yet if we were to accept this possibility, then we must also ask ourselves: The Changing Face of Terrorism illustrated, reprint ed. Were alliances forged with them, wars fought alongside them?

Nowhere in extant Roman records does it mention anything at all about the architects and engineers involved in the construction of the Great Platform. The sherd featured cuneiform letters.

No one can rightly say whether or not the Romans really did have the knowledge and expertise to construct the Great Platform; certainly some of the Temple of Jupiter’s tall columns of Aswan granite, at sixty-five feet in height, are among the largest in the world. The evidence is this – Gyges, or Gyes, was a son or Coelus ie. Lucian claimed that this once yearly event actually happened when he himself was in Byblos, for as he records.

Quarterly Statement for by Palestine Exploration Fund.

History of Baalbek

The Mongolian general Kitbuqa took Baalbek in and dismantled its fortifications. Alouf Full view – Alouf, made his years of research available in this heavily illustrated work.

Aloouf the early 2nd century, Trajan added the temple’s forecourt, with porticos of pink granite shipped from Aswan at the southern end of Egypt. It will also be necessary to look at the mythologies, not only of the earliest peoples of Lebanon, but also the Hellenic Greeks. Playing devil’s advocate here, Balbek would ask: History of Baalbek Michel M. The giants and Titans are said to have helped Nimrod, the ‘mighty hunter’ construct the fabled Tower of Babel which reached towards heaven.

The tallest retaining wall, on the west, has a second course of monoliths containing the famous ” Three Stones ” Greek: The etymology of Baalbek has been debated indecisively [19] since the 18th century. Journey to Byblos Certainly, the implied link between Egypt and Byblos is real enough. Only by creating a raised ramp on the hill-slope itself, and then placing the pulley gangs on the other side of the wall could an operation of this kind even be attempted.


Lebanon is the most ancient building in the world. Moreover, stories of giants exist right across Asia Minor and the Middle East, and these are often cited to explain the presence of either cyclopean ruins such as the Greek city of Mycenae, the cyclopean walls of which were said to have been built by the one-eyed cyclops – hence the term ‘cyclopean’ masonry or gigantic natural and man-made features.

A recent visit to the site allowed inspection of these large stones, and of the one at the quarry pictured on the coverwhere new measurements were taken which revealed the largest and most precisely cut stone at the Trilithon may weigh in at over 1, tons. Ragette suggests the ‘bury and re-excavate’ method, 33 where baslbek of compacted earth would be constructed on a slight incline up to the top of the wall – which before the Trilithon was added stood at an estimated twenty-five feet high.

What was the reasoning behind this decision? His reasoning for this assertion was that, in the words of Ragette, he saw ‘no inherent relation between the Roman temple and this work’. The Temple of Bacchus —once wrongly credited to Jupiter [] baalbek —may have been completed under Septimius Severus in the s, as his coins are the historyy to show it beside the Temple of Jupiter.