I Ching Reference: Hexagram # The I Ching symbol meaning ‘The Turning Point’. This welcome hexagram signifies a return to joy, intimacy, passion and. Archetype Returning. CR P02 C24 A Then Jesus said, “There was a man who had two sons. The younger of them said to his father, ‘Father, give me the. So both hexagrams are part of the work of making things possible: clearing and renewing the space that sustains limitless growth. In Hexagram 24, a single yang .

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There may be a homecoming or a return to a past situation.

But this change of opinion must proceed only from a certain persuasion, as of what is just or of common advantage, and the like, not because it appears pleasant or brings reputation.

There is a sense that nothing is happening but the cycle is moving from the darkest point to a transition of increasing light or clarity. Not returning from afar; there is no mention of regret; prime auspiciousness. The Daxiang emphasises that all this happens in its own time: Thunder in the midst of the earth is thunder shut up and silent, just able to make its presence felt.

The bright quality will be developed brighter and brighter from day to day and month to month.

Love Interpretation of I-Ching Hexagram #24 –

Sometimes we need to stop and go back. Let others follow their own destinies while you stay on course for yours. Merchants and travelers ceased traveling.

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Of the twelve hexagrams that traditionally marked the months of the year, Hexagram 24 is the darkest. Now if a man is engrossed in appetites and ambitions and spends all his pains on these, all his thoughts must needs be mortal and, so far as that is possible, hexagraa cannot fall short of becoming mortal altogether, since he has encouraged the growth of his mortality.

There is a need to align intention and commitment with the truth of what you are truly capable of achieving.

You have noticed that everything an Indian does is in a circle, and that is because the Power of the World always works in circles, and everything tries to be round.

Going to and fro is the way. It tore away hxeagrama old images, ideas, purposes, attachments… whatever was draining and wasting vital energies. Reading at a Glance: It is emphatic here for “Humanity” — hxeagrama in his ideal state. But it also cleared the ground for new growth, leaving nothing in its way; Return is the time for coming back to life.

If you are examining a new direction, explore how it relates to the cycles you have always hexgarama. Sometimes the message can be that those who have gone may Return. Forgive yourself for past relationship mistakes. Following your own insight is not always the popular way but keeps you deeply connected to your Tao.

I Ching Hexagram #24:

Thus one cultivates one’s character. It is indicated that the situation will improve nevertheless. There will be great good.

How can this be wrong? Thunder in the earth symbolizes Return.


Returning for some high purpose — no regret! In Hexagram 24, a single yang hexsgrama is welcomed by five open yin lines above it. So it is with the first stirrings of life after the winter solstice and the first returning steps of the wanderer to virtue.

The world is moving in spirals, and our greatest modern philosophers are nearing a place in their mental orbit where they come again into conjunction with minds like Pythagoras and Plato. The misfortune in missing the return lies in opposing the way of the superior man.

Akira Rabelais : Book of Changes

Losing Return in bewilderment will be foreboding. Black Elk Line-1 Legge: Progress and freedom of action are found in Return. Returning not far, no regret, very auspicious. The course repeats itself. Anyone hexargama a vocation hears the voice of the inner man: Turning back on the path of a leader. Return in this sense is highly auspicious.

Find out more, or accept and continue.

24, Returning

Return can come after false starts with the sole purpose of showing you what is truly important to you. This solitary return is necessary if the path of righteousness is to be followed. Renounce your claim to action and return to the Work.

Do we not see in Return the mind of heaven and earth?