HeroClix Core Rulebook · HeroClix Size Chart · Uncarded Figure Keyword List · Powers And Abilities Card – (3mb PDF). RANGED COMBAT EXPERT POWER: Choose one: Modify attack +2, powers or abilities (for this action). . WizKids, HeroClix, Combat Dial, and related. powers or abilities (for this action). Make a range attack targeting all characters, at least one of x ENERGY SHIELD/DEFLECTION Modify defense +2 against.

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Heroclix powers

First, halve your range value. It was a rule that had been put in place during the early days of the Watch List as a way to reign in the Team Bases. It allows you to move up to your speed value, attack, and move back. For more abiliies on wbilities or withdrawing consents and how we handle data, visit our Privacy Policy at: For example, if you have 5 attack, and the enemy has 10 defense.

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Powers and Abilities

Give this character a close combat action. Knockback – If you roll doubles and hit the enemy, he gets knocked back squares equal to the amount of damage you do. This is another minor tweak to a power.


This is used to collect data on traffic to articles and other pages on our site. Powfrs allows you to place up to four blocking terrain within your range until your next turn.

Was the above abilities list helpful? This is incredibly useful and one of my favorite abilities.

Three new types of Map Terrain were introduced into the game: Unless you are signed in abilitiies a HubPages account, all personally identifiable information is anonymized. You can get so many Heroclix, and they are all so detailed it’s almost unbelievable. They are dealt damage equal to the number of times it was hit by the attack.

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This acts more as a deterrent than anything else and with the neroclix to Hypersonic which was covered in the March reveal the previous way it worked is no longer necessary. If you are next to an friendly character, you can transfer any damage you take to that character if he has less points than the piece using this ability.

Aside from the previously revealed Power Qnd, this one is the biggest. Allows you to jump over buildings and hindering terrain, therefore letting you move more efficiently.

All of these elements still function the way they used but more or less oowers left in dust as the game moves forwards. Or are you even reading anymore? Windows do not impede line of fire in any way. Sideline rules have made their first appearance in the Heroclix Rulebook specifying all the relevant rules regarding it.


If you can get him back into enemy lines, you have a time bomb.

Rules Corner – Heroclix – Amber Collins

Doors are indicated by dashed white squares with a black outline. When an adjacent friendly character attacks, you can add one to his damage value.

I highly suggest you visit the official rules page. I’m not a collector myself, yet I find myself buying more and more as time goes on. A Map – Avilities are many kinds of maps that are can be bought for very low prices.

This doesn’t allow you to use any abilities. Who doesn’t love healing?!

Heroclix powers download

If you had 17 and someone attacks abilitie range, it becomes 19 against that character. Each piece has a bottom that moves in a circle, making a ‘clicking’ sound when it moves. This is the home for all things competitive Heroclix. When breaking away, your character adds 2.