HERO by Alethea Kontis Published by: Harcourt Books, Hardcover: pages Series: The Woodcutter Sisters #2 My rating: 7/10 First. Book Hero During the Nebula Awards in May, I got to meet and interview Alethea Kontis, who’s fairy tale book, Enchanted, was nominated for. Hero by Alethea Kontis, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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With her sword in tow, Saturday sets sail on a pirate ship, only to find herself kidnapped and whisked off to the top of the world.

Even with an enchanted sword to call her own, Saturday fears she is never destined to have a great konfis like her sister Sunday or travel the world like her sister Thursday. Click here to read some really fun Spark Girl reviews! I really enjoyed it alot, found it to be a very engaging story and breezed right through it. May 26, Amy rated it liked it.


uero A Fabulous Boy and His Sandwich. She is supported by an equally strong male, whose strength is not derived from his masculinity. March 1, at We learn a lot more about the Woodcutter family as whole.

Not so lucky there kid. They take the vanguard on the new Modern Fairytale.

Highly recommended to fans of konttis and heartfelt fairy tale retellings. Is Saturday powerful enough to kill the mountain witch who holds her captive and Rough and tumble Saturday Woodcutter thinks she’s the only one of her sisters without any magic—until the day she accidentally conjures an ocean in the backyard. But I am happy to report that I have more than one work this year eligible for award nominations! For instance, it took me almost five years to write Enchantedbut it took many of you less than a day to read it.

Teenagers especially will enjoy this series. I just didn’t love it. Return to Book Page. She can handle herself and it’s admirable. Hero is another excellent installment in the Woodcutter Sisters story and a mandatory read aletheea anyone looking for an antidote to the typical wlethea story. Humbug seemed weirdly random and unexplained but they aletha main characters like in the other two books.


There are things that happen at the same time with many different characters. However, I wasn’t amused, and wasn’t buying it.

To read the article with the full list which hhero a great list, btwcheck it out here: The heroine and her mother set sail with Thursday, the pirate sister. The situation had a lot of potential that I frankly found wasted, and the frothy nature of the story couldn’t make me overlook a lackluster narrative. Just like Enchanted, HERO is built upon these familiar stories, but her overlying story and characters are entirely of her own creation.

It takes longer than three days but then, Saturday was much less inclined towards romance than her younger sister Sunday.

I know that she wants to have her own adventures and thinking that she’s the only one who doesn’t have magic, but the way she keeps talking about it is a bit annoying. I was confused by a very important theme running throughout.

FTF Book Review: Alethea Kontis – Hero

There was so much going for it! Fellow Waterworld Mermaid sister Avery Flynn was the first of my friends to jump forth into the breach and therefore inspire many more covers in her wake.

The story ends, and then the book continues on! Hero is full of the wit and nods hwro familiar tales that readers of Enchanted will expect. If you still find the boy crazy part concerning, worry nother previous infatuations pale in comparison to her true love, and she instantly recognizes the differences. The plot was a little weaker than in Enchantedwhich may be due to the fact that it focuses so heavily on only two people and one setting.

Her story proved to be just as enthralling as the first! I really enjoy these, hoping the rest of them get published. All the sisters have something magickal about them. The movement between one scene to another felt jumpy.


But together, the brothers alfthea a riot. Because I knew just what I was getting myself into, and the superior level of quality I expected from my books. I could at least tolerate Elisa. She grows a lot in this book and learns about who she is and what her strengths are. The background fairy stories are still referenced, but they are more subtle, letting Ms Kontis weave her own touch through them.

Dearest by Alethea Kontis

aethea I also liked his insistence on manners and politeness. I’ve seen other beautiful covers but these stand out and just one glance tells me this is an Alethea Kontis book; that’s brilliant branding at its best. I once again found myself falling in love with the Woodcutter family. And yet again, I find myself excusing these flaws because the books are so damn enjoyable.

She loves truly, feels deeply, and cares passionately–and these are all very different things. Feb 06, Heidi rated it really liked it. However, there were some things about this book I liked more and some I liked less.

Girl or boy, have a go at these. Alethda for this bracket ends at midnight tonight. Too bad, since I usually do love a good fairy tale retelling.

I thought the book was fascinating gender-wise, but missed a chance to do even more wi What to say about this book? Is anyone else as worried as I am about there being no mention of what is happening between Sorrow and Joy in Faerie during Dearest?