The culture of India presents some old Hindu writings which appear in some very old documents like ‘Hasta Samudrika Shastra’, ‘Ravana Samhita’ and ‘Hasth. Samudrika Shastra is hand analysis in the Vedic tradition, a Sanskrit term that ‘ Hasta Samudrika Shastra’, ‘Ravana Samhita’ and ‘Hasth Sanjeevaniā€¯ These. Posts about Hasta Samudrika Shastra written by palmistryreport.

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The upper mount aenotes resist- ance and hassta lower one aggression. This is a mark found on the hands of famous pq and novelists and other masters of the arts. Dry fingers indicate poverty and are unfavourable and bad.

Elevation, depression, elongation, diminution, and other marks become relevant. If they are equal in length and placed together, they are looked upon as good. We hasga to see our horoscope accurately through foretelling. Again, we should note that, when the lines meet each other, they should cross and pass on. Tiie possessor cf such a thumb is a bom ahsta, quite at home in every kind of social setting. Sometimes, these fine branches have a downward course, and in other cases they seem to go up.

Full text of “Hast Samudrika Shastra”

Yellow spots on the Life, Head, and Heart lines show biliousness and foretell an irritable temper. This type is deep in certain parts, becoming thin afterwards, sometimes growing oroader and shal- lower, and then assuming its depth and cleamess. The strength or otherwise of the mount should be judged by the lengni and shape of the third finger, as also its degree or development and the signs present on it. On the other hand, palmists have been able to notice the dim m ing haeta of Life growing deeper, while a broken one rejoins.

Examine the thumb and the lines of head and heart for these signs.

A firm and elastic ymlm is indicative of quickness of in- tellect, equanimity of mind and energy. Small and branched lines give a hint of troubles on the way.

But, if strength of will and self-confidence are in evidence, it is a magnificent mark; for it assures that the person is unselfish and gives him a nature that would scorn to use people and cir- cumstances for his own personal advantage. They indulge in all kinds of amusements, but, even when these are not available, they can feel happy.


I have been very impressed, as I am sure you will be, by the evidence of a’ parallel psychological defect existing as the sequence of a xamudrika siological aefect, or being complementary to it in the physiolo- gical sphere. But signs and marks of strong will and wary disposition, if present will keep him from becoming a foolliardy gambler. They are thicker than the pointed fingers, and so is the palm that accompanies them.

Zone of materialistic or wordly tendencies, tendencies denoted by Nos. When the line ends in a fork, it is also considered a sign of weakness, but it is not as bad as a tassel or uasta. Bhagvan Shri Adi Sankara was one of the greatest saints of his time.

If inclined towards the line of head, some brain trouble is to be feared. The organic weakness of heart is also denoted. Besides, this is also a sign of unusual and unexpected elevation to a higher position in lire. A full and clumsy second phalange indicates that the sub- ject has poor logical and intellectual powers.

Along the way, manuscripts work as loose outlines for teachers to follow, fill in, expand, and clarify for their students. If you would like to envision however your hand are judged, then see Sample arrange Reading.

Elevation, depression, elongation, diminution, and other marks become relevant. Iney take things for panted, and do not look kt matters closely. But with a line of Mars. If the forepart of the thumb touches the second phalange of the first finger, it is a sign of a person who is an expert in engineering and Ae industrial arts, and learned in the sciences, philosophy, and literature.

Every attempt to rescue them from oblivion and irre- trievable loss has failed; their guardians cannot be persuaded with money or any other human means to part with their treasures.

No two thumbs are absolutely alike and, in the same way, no two hands can l uasta found whose shape and lines are identical. If the first phalange is long, then a gasta has the intuitive faculty. The square is an interesting sign. This is cnaracter- istic of a soldier. One of the worst forms of break that is seen is when the end of the line after the break turns back and starts to run towards the source.


The student should hsastra that such lines running to the mounts denote that the subject will be influenced by the qualitie.

Samudrika Shastra

Ir the toes are short and widely spaced, the person is a domestic servant. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Such fingers are found in businessmen, absorbed in their affairs, with their higher impulses dulled and blunted. The treatise, like others, describes elements of Jyotisha which, to this day, remains an inextricable theme in genuine, classical Indian hand analysis.

Combination of Mounts and Their Indications, On all hands the mounts are present in one shape and strength or another. In human affairs free-will and predestination play their parts. A closer study, however, revealed the mark of a temple on his wrist, signifying great wealth and high status.

Germain calls it essentially the woman s mount, just as the mount of Jupiter is the man’s mount. The second bracelet of the Rascette. People with such signs have been found to be severe taskmasters, especially if swmudrika line of head is straight and turns up towards the Mount of Saumdrika at the end.

Short-nailed persons, on the other hand, are critical, and are apt to analyse everything they come across. They enjoy life by force of their spontaneous nature, and help those around them to share their enjoyment. The lines to be favourable should be clearly defined, deep, evenlv traced, straight, and pink.

With Saturn and the Moon strong and dominant, a person is a thief or char- latan.