Hallicrafters SX Serial Number H Here is the SX, as received. Chuck McGregor drew the following schematic, showing where the cut was, and . View and Download Hallicrafters SXA technical manual online. SXA Radio pdf manual download. View and Download Hallicrafters SX service instructions manual online. The Model SX Super Skyrider Receiver. SX Receiver pdf manual.

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When all of the screws are installed and tight, the SX chassis is rigidly mounted and the cabinet can be “jarred” with very little if any frequency change resulting. It’s possible hallicrafteds Hallicrafters might have repainted a panel for a special request but it seems like it would have been a difficult to accomplish operation since Hallicrafters production building was essentially as an assembly operation using purchased parts.

For comparison, the bottom photo shows a reproduction bright-white dial. A low selling price halilcrafters the high level of performance was the SX’s major advantage. Other contractors included Belmont Radio Corporation.

All of these exorbitant prices are found on eBay sales. Rushing through the job is not recommended as this leads to mistakes and poor workmanship. Military SXs, which are most of the receivers made between andsometimes have significant mis-adjustment in the tuning gears. From the manual, go through the parts list and order the capacitors in advance. Dated inspection card confirms H was assigned September 27, and another dated inspection card confirms HA on S receiver was assigned on June 18, A commonly heard statement is that the ” They can do good work but often their schedules have them hurrying through jobs that should require attention to details.

Use of the “HA” prefix serial numbers for and progressed very slowly as the demand for other types of military equipment was by far of greater quantity than for surveillance receivers, like the SXA, SXA and the few other users of the “HA” prefix serial numbers.


But manuap could be seen on the panadapter thereby alerting the operator to tune to the signal for further investigation. Of course the SX drifts, In most cases these are easy to repair.


H – This receiver is very late in the SX production, dating from around September H with matching R floor speaker. Since the audio requirements were minimal, the Push-Pull audio output 6V6s were usually replaced with a single-ended 6V6 audio output.

It will look like new. These tags are dated and carry the assigned serial number. These prices assume that the buyer will be shopping on eBay and manyal go to ham swap meets where the prices are about half or less of “eBay. This is about as close as can be found today of the original dial color, which was “light yellow. Now what about the SX disadvantages. Probably to compensate for gain changes due to single RF amplifier on Bands 1 and 2 and high frequency gain roll-off on Band 6.

The largest speaker-cabinet available was the R Since all serial numbers were assigned sequentially, it doesn’t have to be an SX – ANY model Hallicrafters’ tag provides important build-date information. This receiver illustrates that the late production SX receivers were fitted with parts that formerly were thought to be exclusive to SXA production. Any Super Pro halljcrafters its power supply and cable is “incomplete” and should be priced as a “parts set.

It was possible that a 6AC7 RF stage could oscillate under certain conditions which weren’t entirely predictable by Hallicrafters.

The Sperry Gyroscope based Micrometer dial is fabulous hallicravters provides no direct calibration leaving the operator to check the dial readout versus a graph. These changes are not necessarily shown in the schematic or parts list of the manuals included with models. Only Zenith Radios to This information is somewhat dated.


Hallicrafters SX-28-A Technical Manual

The panel is black wrinkle paint – not the standard panel. You will find that now the adjacent frequency interference is greatly reduced since its strength compared to the tuned signal is reduced.

There are eight anti-backlash gears early boxes that have to be held in the “loaded” position with small clamps while the gearbox plates are put back together. Titled as “Service Bulletin from Hallicrafters – Bulletin ,” it consists of four pages printed on two sheets of yellow paper. There are two common versions of the “White Dial” myth. The following changes are not necessarily shown on the schematic or the parts list in the Manual. It does not use the standard front panel but has a black wrinkle finish panel with white nomenclature.

You have to proceed carefully if adjustment is necessary as the slugs break easily. Although H left the Hallicrafters’ plant in Februaryit was actually civilian purchase. On the back of the gearbox are located the tuning shaft weights which need to be removed.

I purchased the receiver from John, who was 85 at the time and living in Galena, Nevada.

Most hallicragters the dials have darkened considerably over the years and aggressive cleaning will surely damage the dial nomenclature. Sometimes this total varies by one ball bearing but what was installed is the correct number.