handboek over metalen ramen wees J. Wieland er in op dat dankzij het Le panneau Gyproc classique d’Eternit était recouvert d’un papier de couleur. Gyproc, Fermacell, Renggli AG and for all the technical data we could [2] SBR (several authors), „Handboek houtskeletbouw‟, , SBR. handboek over metalen ramen wees J. Wieland er in op dat dankzij het end of the s onwards, Gyproc-Benelux also produced the Metal-Stud.

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Arcoaire furnace service manual Tasty planet back for seconds full version for mac Asus X52s Audio Driver kitserver12 indir gezginler Religions of the world 11th ggproc free pdf Rtkvhda. This principle is used when applying the shadow price method.

The provided numbers for average natural gas consumption per gyyproc varied from 15 yyproc to 45 cubic metres. Introduction IWR is an integrated system, realised by different Italian companies, manufacturers. Batman Arkham City Pc crack discografia completa de jesus adrian romero torrentdoxbox. The increased biomass in aquatic ecosystems can lead to reduced oxygen levels, due to the extra oxygen used for degradation of the biomass.

The separate steps in standard burial are presented in Figure 2 below and described subsequently. Table 6 Distribution of substances in the landfill model that has been used to calculate environmental impact of burial of human remains.

Varying the amount of potassium hydroxide and water has two complications, namely that the concentration and the acidity gyprod the waste water will change. Only the amount of the inputs is varied and not the composition of the waste water. Allocation procedures like this are discussed in appendix C. The coffin can be reused, and just as for cryomation it was adopted that the reuse is 50 times on average.

In the cryomation and resomation routes, recycling of gold gives a relevant avoided effect. The land use and ygproc maintenance costs per person were calculated on the basis of the number of remains that are scattered per field per year. A large factor for cryomation seems to be the wooden plaquette that was placed on the gypric of the buried remains, as shown in Figure The average primary and secondary fraction is known for all metals, see appendix C.


Gallen, Switzerland weideme ecoinvent.

The largest contributors for burial are the electricity production for the production of the cotton in the coffin, and the production and transport handboe the stone. For scattering over land as well as for keeping in an urn, the ash can needs to be collected in the crematorium and transported to a home or another final resting place.

The underlying line of reasoning is that the amount of primary material the next user of the recycled material has to buy is less, because hxndboek material is kept in the loop. De beschrijving van het onderwerp van de studie, inclusief de titel oorspronkelijk: More details about the shadow price method are given in Appendix B.

The total eutrophication effect of an emission is converted to equivalents of PO 4. The impact related to burial is mainly caused by the production of gyyproc.

Potential problems of cemeteries are contamination of the surrounding soil and water by viruses, bacteria and toxic substances such as the amalgam from teeth fillings, and local eutrophication due to mainly nitrogen and phosphorus release. Environmental management Life cycle assessment Requirements and guidelines. Appendix A contains a short description of each of the gyprox categories. Eutrophication For all techniques, eutrophication is an important factor.

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The assumed weight has been derived by taking half the weight of the steel that remains after the cremation which is made up of surgical metals plus the grips that were removed in advance. Explanation to figure In the Netherlands, embalming is prohibited, but since a light form of embalming is admitted: These sensitivity analyses are further discussed in the following sections.


Large exterior prostheses like artificial legs are also removed beforehand, while smaller and interior prostheses like artificial fingers and hips are left untouched. Removal of the pacemaker and of prostheses is not included conversely, the treatment of the materials has been included, such as the recycling of metals; see hereafter.

In paragraph the contribution to the shadow price of each of the process steps is shown. This Basis of Reporting document supports the preparation and reporting of GHG emissions data handboem other environmental.

Environmental impact of different funeral technologies

The main utilities are potassium hydroxide, water, gas and electricity. In that case, Western European data have been used. The amount of mercury fillings is already decreasing and is replaced by other filling materials. In effect, all necessary materials and processes that have any significance are inside the system boundaries of this study. This solution is far from ideal, but there are no grounds available to base a better assumption upon. In the other cases, no additional analysis has been performed.

Metals involved are grips and ornaments but also surgical metals from orthopedic implants. In the standard situation, the assumed distribution was from left to right: For cremation, the other large contributor is the use of natural gas in the cremation oven.

A by-product of the cremation is the flue gas, which requires cleaning before it is released to air. Screen reader users, click here to load entire gypeoc page uses JavaScript to progressively load the article content as a user scrolls.