Fastest Way to Learn GRE High Frequency Word List. Long since GRE came into picture, students have had a tough time remembering words. More so since the. With so many seemingly equally potent GRE word lists and Vocab lists, it often becomes difficult to narrow down on one GRE word list that would solve all their. The Wordbot keeps track of your level of mastery on a given word. It also keeps a track of when you last revised a word. It thus creates personalized wordlists.

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Most of the time GRE prompts you to predict the usage of a particular way in the most unfamiliar way.

Which is the best Android app for preparing for GRE? Go ahead, check out WordBotExplore the features and improve your Vocabulary. English Vocabulary Lists and Vocabulary flash cards are available a dime a dozen both in the online and offline media. If the word and its definition is accompanied by a related picture, it becomes easier to remember, easier to understand and more exciting to learn GRE words.

Universities with Deadlines in November and December. The GRE verbal section is designed in such a way that it demands a proper learning methodology, without which your hard work could be rendered useless.

Designed to Simplify Vocabulary Building!

This is achieved by Classification of the Words by Themes. Use this app, especially, if you tired of memorizing words passively from wordlists. Revise the words that you have already learned – test your ability to recollect words learnt in the past and learn new aspects of the grerdge. Track and review the words that you have learnt or even mark them for revision later. Is the Pixnary app, that consists of 1, words for GRE vocabulary, sufficient to learn? Unless and until you know the subtle differences between them, it becomes very difficult to retain their meanings in the memory and leads to ambiguity during the exams.


The more you dedicate time in practicing the words and implementing them in the TC and SE sections, your chances become higher to achieve a GRE Verbal score. Adding your own Notes. Preferred Time Anytime 10am to 11am 11am to 12noon 12noon to 1pm 1pm to 2pm 2pm to 3pm 3pm to 4pm 4pm to 5pm 5pm to 6pm 6pm to 7pm 7pm to 8pm 8pm to 9pm.

Fastest Way to Learn GRE High Frequency Word List

But the real problem is that, the GRE aspirants encounter the hurdle of too many choices. Learning words associated with a particular theme will help you master with ease, as well as learn to differentiate related words.

Another ineffective way of preparing for GRE Vocab is vehemently cramming up words and their definitions. Also, the ideas that you get from reading will help you in writing good essays in the AWA section. Need assistance for your GRE preparation?

So, you can have a dose of the GRE Words of the day during your bus commute, during coffee breaks, while waiting in long queues, while greedye for your order to come in eateries; pretty much from anywhere and at any time. Next story MS in US: GRE’s verbal section contains words the ETS thinks should be familiar to graduates from course work or additional reading. Figure of Speech — The GRE Word List should ideally provide the figure of speech of the wprdlist, so that it becomes easier not just to remember but also understand the word properly.


The Application has a game-like feel for stress-free learning, yet is quite powerful. Classification of Words by Themes.

How To Choose a Good GRE Word-List? | GREedge Blog

What is the best app for gre preparation? Subhanwit Roy WordBot helped me hone my vocabulary.

It has an excellent collection of GRE words. Kudos to the entire team for developing such an awesome greedgw. Even though this might seem to be a simple enough mechanism, it is grossly ineffective.

GRE Word List – Master GRE Words with unique techniques | GREedge

Grammarly’s free writing app makes sure everything you type is easy to read, effective, and mistake-free. Learn focus words along with synonyms and antonyms. One common misconception is that the more the number of words the English GRE Word List has to offer, wordlisg better it is.

Best Universities For Popular Courses. Try to contribute to the learning community by adding good aids to learn, understand, apply, and remember.