InPhonex gives you an easy to follow IP phone configuration and setup guide for the Grandstream phone adaptor HandyTone This setup guide will help. Grandstream’s HandyTone is an all-in-one VoIP integrated access Starting from firmware version for HandyTone Rev View and Download Grandstream Networks HandyTone user manual online . Analog Telephone Adaptor. HandyTone Telephone Accessories pdf.

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The trial period would be good and you will never get good service after that. If the target IP address is The HandyTone will then display the following screen to confirm that the changes have been saved. No fake stuffs like Mpingi. Bellcore North America Onhook Voltage: Its power adaptor is compliant with UL standard.

Grandstream networks user manual analog telephone adaptor handytone 40 pages. The phone service entirely down for 3 days in a row this week. HandyTone User Manual 5. Grandstream networks user manual analog telephone adaptor handytone 40 pages. This website uses cookies in order to give you the very best experience. Pls help me to share information if I can put a complaint to any forum in US. Don’t have an account?

There are two default passwords: DO NOT include any leading zeros, so It is a 12 digits hex number. Page 3 HandyTone User Manual 6. I cancelled the service after 3 weeks of miserable experience.

Insert the Ethernet cable into the WAN port of HandyTone and connect the other end of gradnstream Ethernet cable to an uplink port a router or a modem, etc. Please email me if you think we should give it a try.


If you are in static ip mode you can change the address.

Saving The Configuration Changes 6. I know couple of friends who use packet8 and they are also happy with their service. User ID is phone number When setting this handyhone, the user should be aware of the requested packet time used in SDP message as a result of configuring this parameter.

Grandstream Handytone Setup

When in conversation, user can also flash to the third party by pressing flash or Flash Hook for old style phones button to get a dial tone and then dial the third party number. The HandyTone should only operate with the universal power adaptor provided in the package. Following is the snap shot of the configuration page. There is an urgent need for sites: None of the tollfree nos works in this device.

Grandstream Handytone Setup Make use of our Grandstream automated setup facility. Before continue this tutorial, please check if you have server with installed Asterisk PBXwith several already added users and extensions handytonw testing. Now I dont want to continue with mpingi and configure the adapter to stanaphone but I am unable to access the Advanced Settings of the device.

What could be the problem?

HT | Grandstream Networks

After that still I am having issues making and maanual phone calls. Page 41 HandyTone User Manual divided into 24 time slots of 10ms, and twelve full-duplex accesses per carrier, for a total of possible combinations.


Analog telephone adaptor for sw release version 1. Got it, continue to print.

Dial 02 and you should hear the IP Address. HandyTone User Manual divided into 24 time slots of 10ms, and twelve full-duplex accesses per carrier, for a total of possible combinations. Gandstream read on the website http: The ATA is locked and won’t allow me to reset to factory default.

Don’t show me this message again. Type in the default password admin and press Login.

It takes for ever to get the adapters and then if you have extremely good luck it may work otherwise plan on spending couple of hours a day to either try gandstream make it work or listen to MPINGI BS.

Their service is horrible!!!! Please choose only one codecs in all drop-down menus.


If you continue using the website without changing you cookie settings, you consent to the use of these cookies. I just plugged the device its started working amazing. HandyTone User Manual rule to dial grandstram if you were calling from a regular analog phone, followed by pressing the or wait for 4 seconds.

Following is a table of the encoding scheme for the most commonly used characters: So we have to press: