Gore Vidal (–) was born Eugene Luther Vidal, later adopting the surname of his grandfather, Senator Thomas Gore, as his first name. Well known as a. MESSIAH: A Novel. [Gore. Vidal] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Messiah [Gore Vidal, Elizabeth A. Lynn] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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The Messiah by Gore Vidal | : Books

Jul 15, Picoroco rated it liked it Recommends it for: The novel is written as the memoir of Eugene Luther, one of the first followers of Cavism, founded vidql John Cave, an American undertaker. Lists with This Book.

When the messkah of the religion becomes cumbersome, he’s murdered. Messiah novel Cover of the first edition. Jun 12, Darren rated it it was amazing. Notify me of new comments via email. Yet as a whole, Messiah is not a very effective novel.

It is to this life denying and death affirming horror potential within humans that Vidal addresses himself to in Messiah and revisits in Kalki in There’s an oddly appealing drawing-room comedy air to much of the discussion, as the protagonist is a well-born, well-educated, well-off man who makes good company at luncheon parties. For me it pointed to the deep and irrepressible urge of humans to see demons and angels or, if not these, inimical and benevolent beings from another planet. Return to Book Page.

Paperbackpages. Gore Vidal believed in UFOs no more than he believed in the portents of the ancients.

Messiah: A Neglected Book by Gore Vidal – The Neglected Books Page

Yet the real significance of these portents was not so much their mysterious reality as the profound effect they had upon a people who, despite their emphatic materialism, were as easily shattered by the unexpected as their ancestors … Considering the unmistakable nature of these signs, it is curious how few suspected the truth: Vidal was not the first to make most of the points he wants to make about society and religion, and he definitely wasn’t the last.

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Even more to the point of life, without spoiling the plot, there is a strong theme to define the world through your own eyes and perspective. Jun 08, Adrianna rated it it was amazing. Unfortunately empirical historical facts cannot be dispensed with by appeals to a priori principles; you cannot beg the question, you must prove what you assert and, alas, the evidence is against you.

Vidal’s novel is short- just over two hundred pages- but it’s lack of sympathetic or vibrant characters makes it an ironically slow read and it personally took me months to get through this book.

A bleak but ultimately hopeful cautionary tale, suitably well-written and engaging, if perhaps not quite as expansive in its scope as the title suggests.

Going onto the favorites list forthis novel is simply amazing. The ‘messiah’ of the story isn’t as important as those who see the value of him as symbolic figurehead. Messiah is also first book I’ve ever read by Gore Vidal, and I absolutely love the way yore wrote — so much so that I’ve already picked up two more of his books.

Gore Vidal and the UFOs

Well, the problem is: John Cave is the messias, a former mortician with the surprising epiphany that life is all about death. Still, the book is worth reading for its mordant wit and its delicate balance between satire and genuine, heart-rending drama.


Messiah by Gore Vidal. From his long-time hiding-place in provincial Egypt, Eugene Luther tells the story of John Cave, a former Californian undertaker, his rise to power and the subsequent global impact of his new religion. Sep 25, Bethia rated it it was amazing Shelves: Maybe because I kept recalling the image of Vida himself poolside at the Bangkok Oriental where we both happened vidao be staying for a few days in the late ’90s.

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. A fascinating and terrifying vore novel about the rise and eventual takeover of a dangerous cult, though the narrative itself reads more as a minor character study of a handful of individuals who sell the world on the glory of death.

Is it science fiction, urban fantasy, a social or a satirical novel? Es decir, el libro es ambicioso en algunos aspectos y solo con leer la sinopsis uno ya se da cuenta.

The success story is told in retrospect by Eugene Luther, the writer. I’m placing this book on my “to-read-again” shelf. While the subtle wit and deadpan snark that characterize Vidal’s writing are present in Messiah, a bleak and ominous tone dominates the novel, befitting its narrative. I like that a great deal but I kept hoping for something really entertaining f I’m a fairly big fan of both Vidals life story, some of his essays I would like to read more and definitely a lot of his politics, but when I went to read his novels I found that I wasn’t really too