the Gnoblar Kingdoms army, gloriously painted by. Mitch and Mark themselves. • Gnoblar Kingdoms Army List. This list takes the troops, war machines, and. Click here to watch on YouTube gnoblars = gnoblars + “the gnoblar player” xD. This list was “legal” because was published in White. I realize that I cant run the original gnoblar army list and that all my characters would be ogres but I was wondering how I should do this.

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The Empire will often be the worst in this regard, with their Strength 10 Great cannons that cause D6 Wounds per hit. Gnoblar are hoarders, obsessively collecting anything they can pick armt although those in service to Ogres find their good stuff taken away.

Where should I share to get the crown. Do you want more expensive fodder? Some independant Gnoblar have even more ludicrously good luck than their fellows.

As a result, most independant are found carrying inexhaustible amounts of “Sharp Things” to throw and cause modest damage, and can even be found carrying magical gear befitting a Dwarf Lisy or a High Elf Archmage rather than a small goblinoid.

Gnoblar are just as cruel as Goblins, torturing and killing anything smaller or weaker than themselves, fighting with intent to kill over stupid reasons, and laughing at the misfortune of other Gnoblar.

Gnoblar – 1d4chan

And then there is the problem of getting over to a worthwhile terrain piece to trap it Blood-Gnoblars aren’t scouts. Even in a Gnoblar list, these guys are fodder and despite the name not fighting units. The bestiary says one thing and the army list entry says another. Big, heavy and rather simple. No one fields hunters on foot with full kitty units.

A possibly related feature of Gnoblars is their ludicrous extremes of luck. Can be sacrificed with even less care than normal gnobbos.


Gnoblar Units and Characters

These are a list of special rules and abilities that apply to nearly all gnoblar units most notably they do not apply to the Scraplauncher. Sure, its an extra Attack at quite good WS and not too shabby Initiative, but their miserable Strength of 2 makes them pretty much useless, since an ogre fighter character will usually be employed to beat up tough enemies ghoblar plenty of armour, which S2 has next to no chance of cutting through. The time now is You could prolly drop one of arm trapper units.

These are in many ways the bnoblar of Manbiters – Manbiters can deal out a bit of punch but drop like flies if attacked in return, while Lucky Gits struggle to harm anything more resilient than Toughness 3 no armour, but are very hard to kill in return.

It wouldn’t be a true gnoblar army list, but it would use the models, plus the customization could get you points. Gnoblar attendants No group name is given for those gnobbos that attend their Ogre masters in battle, thus I have chosen to term them “attendants”. Boglars Blood Gnoblars Lucky gits. The slaughtermaster can fight and regain wounds. Wrmy thinking a lvl 4 slaughtermaster with Maw, maybe a lvl 2 with beasts, a bsb, sabertusks, and 50 man blocks of gnoblars.

I know that the army book tells you to attach these attendants to the base of the owning Ogre, but I prefer ary have them on separate 20 mm bases Look-out Gnoblars are attached with blu-tack.

Not all types of gnobbos come with this little missile gnobllar, but a lot of them do. It’s probably needless to say, but you want quite a few units of these gits in a gnobbo army, a good rule of thumb being at least as many units of Fighters as you have Manbiters and Lucky Gits combined. Putting together a gnoblar army, on armg other hand, feels much like setting out to kill a guy by throwing kittens at him. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help.


Contender for most useless option anywhere.

Posted April 10, As with Trappers, it would be more effective to get another gnobbo, though as suggested above, the best option is not buying this unit at all. People might think it requires no thought to use, and if the enemy simply stands there and lets you hit him on the head then it is indeed simple. A complete waste of points unless you know you are playing on a battlefield filled with water features. Even more pointless than shields since this option doesn’t give an extra save in combat not that you often want fighters in combat other than to sacrifice them.

Gnoblar Honcho For 24 pts you can add a guy with three Strength 5 Attacks to your Manbiter or Lucky Git units to give them that extra punch in close combat.

Thank you I’m trying to make it fun and yet worth the time of my opponent. I think there are some good ideas in there but i need somewhere where I can put the characters. Registering gives you full access to take part in discussions, upload pictures, contact other members and search everything!

Gnoblar Horde: The Unwashed Masses

First of all it needs to be said that not all armies you will face have access to template weapons and thus a lot of the time an item that grants a protection from such weapons is pointless. Here’s my suggestions on your army: Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

Note that they have their own army, Gnoblar Horde: