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Look what they did to Libya, overthrowing Gaddafi. As we reported this summer, the decline in …. What are your thoughts, Gerald, any of these folks going to go to jail any time soon? This page was last modified on 26 Septemberat Trends translate into predictions of the demands to come”, Saint Louis Post-Dispatchp.

They have not done anything to the United States. None of that happened. We’ve seen evidence since that time that some Wall Street banks have acted like criminal enterprises, and they continue to enjoy the support of politicians in Washington DC.

Well, that’s because Assad invited them in, joournal whether you like him or not, he was elected, and an international forum said it was a fair and free election.

Gerald Celente

Yeah, so transparent that you could see right through him. I hope we can catch up with journao later this year as these events begin to unfold, and ultimately, what it will likely mean for precious metals’ investors.

Well, I want to start out talking about the first half of the year of Donald Trump’s presidency.

Is this brinkmanship, just a negotiating tactic, what? I mean, look at the guy, the little boy they jourbal over there in France — a Rothschild kid, Macron. The war against Trump is actually the war against the economy in many ways, because when the Trump rally began, and anybody could go back to the facts, when Trump looked like he was going to celetne on November 8th, in the celnete of November 9th, the Dow futures dove by over points, thinking that he was going to win because the markets wanted Hillary.


It’s the only place we are going to read and hear history before it happens. Well, as we begin to close here, Gerald, any final thoughts or anything that you want to hit on that we haven’t discussed already?

You know Mike, I like you, you’re a nice guy, I got a year bond for you. But the interest rates have to go up to a percentage much beyond where they are now, they’ve got to get back into the 3. Oh, and look at that war in Iraq, yeah, they had to get rid of Saddam Hussein, those North Koreans, they can’t stay home.


I don’t need proof, all need are assumptions, and you know how good those are. We respect your privacy no spam ever. That said, if the VIX is any indication, traders have never been less worried.

Well that will do it for this week. The central banks, the bank of Japan. Privacy hournal About Conservapedia Disclaimers Mobile view. As you point out, yeah, Trump didn’t drain the swamp, he just brought in new swamp creatures. His forecasts since have included predictions about terrorism, economic collapses and war.

No one has been more vocal on that subject than you. Gerald discusses the latest economic trends and what is in store for Gold is still the ultimate safe-haven asset. Archived from the original geralv August 13, If the dollar goes up, then you’re going to start seeing some real panic, and if interest rates really start going up, the game is over. Views Read Edit View history.

Gerald Celente On Markets: “When Interest Rates Go Up, This Thing Goes Down”

Honor the Founding Fathers, no foreign entanglements. They’re murderers and thieves, their track records prove it. Well, you point out something very significant. The hatred that the media has been selling, with hating eclente Russians, no evidence at all that they hacked into the Democratic National Committee, it’s our assumption, it’s our belief, it’s our analysis.


Again, this is a Ponzi scheme that’s been generated by Quantitative Easing, which means printing tons trenrs cheap money and negative, or zero interest rate policy that allows stock buybacks and merger and acquisition activity. The reason why North Korea has nuclear weapons, and they made this very clear, is because they saw what the United States did to Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi.

Gerald Celente On Markets: “When Interest Rates Go Up, This Thing Goes Down”

So, people are dying to get anything that’s going to show them any kind of return. Go back to when Trump got elected, and going into the beginning of the year, so from November to the beginning ofjoyrnal dollar was soaring, and it all of a sudden started reversing. What is your best guess on how this will play out?

Warren Buffet, 76 billion. So now going back to the dollar. I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer and have a great weekend. Gleason is a hard money advocate and a strong proponent of personal liberty, limited government and the Austrian School of Economics. And also, keep your eye on Ukraine. You could talk all you want about, for example, or did you see earnings coming in, how great they are?

As we reported this summer, the decline in … Trends Research Institute staff.