English] Mitra-Varuna: an essay on two Indo-European representations / Georges Dumezil. Inc. translated by Derek Coltman p.I’ 3-dcI9 BL6. Indo- European. In his work, the late Georges Dum├ęzil, arguably the most important modern mythologist, In effect, Mitra-Varuna presents an archaeology of representations of. Mitra-Varuna by Georges Dumezil, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Yet he meets his obligations with the least possible cost. Last, because it bears witness to the fact that the flamen dialis, in ancient times, was admitted by right into the georfes of that particular set of seniores made up of the senatores.

I am thus led to inquire whether the antithesis that 45 MITRA-VARUNA underlies the two priesthoods, these two organs of magico-religious sovereignty, is not to be found in the history of the two first kings, the two sovereign-archetypes of Roman history.

This characteristic could develop, theoretically, in two directions. For example, he lays claim to the milk from all hairless, dun-colored cows. This relation greatly perplexed the annalists.

Let me hasten to make it plain, however, that things are actually even less simple than that: These two conceptions god of battles, god of law are not contradictory. Jolly Beitrage zurindischen Rechtsgeschichte, Zeitsch. Klasse, Gottingen,p.

In India, in the very earliest times, raj or rajan and dhmezil existed in a true symbiosis in which the latter protected the former against the magi co-religious risks inherent in the exercise of the royal function, while the former maintained the latter in a place equal to or above his own. After, having entered the Senate House the praetor Publius Licinius led him away, he appealed to the tribunes of the plebeians. Gauthiot, Du nombre duel, Festschrift V.

The initiation scene to which I just alluded is found in the touching legend of the two lovers Pururavas and UrvasI. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. Horace et les Curiaces, p. Gerges, there is an allusion here to a story that has no other trace in the Eddie poems; but we do know who MTmir is J.


Plutarch alone Publicola16after having quoted this opinion first, adds an extremely interesting variant: The system is truly inherent in the material. To ask other readers questions about Mitra-Varunaplease sign up. The Romans portrayed Romulus, like the Luperci, in as supernatural a fashion as their rational imaginations allowed, whereas Numa was seen as part of the complete, reassuring humanity of the priesthoods he instituted.

Leonardo Borges rated it it was amazing Jan 05, Possibly, these are the triad already recorded by a disconcerted Caesar in excessively naturalist terms: How then to prove that Numa was wise, without stigmatizing as faults, crimes or follies the salutary du,ezil of Romulus? Moreover, the second war is declared in the name of liberty cf.

Mitra-Varuna : Georges Dumezil :

Second, for the opposition it depicts between the impetus of the free iuvenis and the gravitas of the flamen. On the Cyclopes and the hundred-hands, cf. Request this item to view in the Library’s reading rooms using your library card.

The earthly king Pururavas is united with the nymph UrvasI, who lives with him on the condition – as in the Psyche and Melusine stories – that he never show himself naked to her. In historical times, flamen dialis and flamen Iovis were accepted as being equivalent terms. This is easy to establish.

And Caesar then records as many dummezil five justifications for this system, all of them, he assures us, provided by those involved eius reimultas afferunt causas. Oceanos excepted, the Titans attacked their father, and Kronos cut off his genitals and hurled them into the sea.

The list of coincidences could be extended even further, but I shall add only one here. The Brahmana george this same idea into a different form: In Rome, for mirta, all Luperci belong to the equites or knightly order see the conclusive evidence collected by Wissowa, Religion und Kultus der Romer, 2nd ed. Similar Items Apollon sonore et autres essais: Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews.


Mitra-Varuna : An Essay on Two Indo-European Representations of Sovereignty

Further, it reveals regularly recurring links within those sets of facts that will provide the reader with a constant means of checking the probability of the whole and, should it be the case, of discerning any illusions or artifices on my part. As equites, each of the Luperci wears a ring, and it is with a ring on his finger, holding the februa in his right hand, that the Lupercus of the Ara Pads is represented beside the flamines Domaszewski, Abhandl.

A few of Dumezil’s ideas in this book are out-of-date, including at least one fairly major identification he draws, and his ideas in general are always debated, but this is still an interesting read, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in Indo-European mythology.

Wolf rated it really liked it May 30, I shall therefore limit myself to a few observations made in the light of the Indian and Roman material we have been examining.

Meillet- Ernout, Dictionnaire etymologique latin. Among the reasons h e offers for georrges establishment o f the cult o f Fides Publica, Dionysius of Halicarnassus II, 75 says that Numa had observed that, among contracts in general Tav ovgBoXaiavthose dumrzil have gerges drawn up publicly and before witnesses are protected by the honor of the two parties n Tav ovvovtw aidao and are rarely violated; whereas those, much more numerous, that have been sealed without witnesses have no other guarantee than the good faith of the contractors Thv Tav avpBaXdvrav nianv.

The Uppsala school, inspired by Mr.

All this is possible. IOasse, ,13, sectionspp.