Standards. All GE panelboards meet the latest revision of the following standards . —National Electrical Code-Ref. Article —UL67 panelboards: UL BuyLog® Catalog. Molded Case Circuit Breakers. Rev. 9/ Prices and data subject to change without notice. Section 3. Industrial Circuit Breakers. GE Fastrac Program Service. —Fastrac A-Series® Panelboards: Fastrac shipment of A-Series® Panelboards A – A is available for select main and .

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All switches are prewired to dedicated secondary terminals for easy field installation.

GE BuyLog — Section 9: Disconnect Switches and Operating

General Electric Catalogue A Mfg: Revpt 1 pages. Green OFFRed ONprovides visual indication regarding the —Shunt be and undervoltage trip targets are clearly displayed by position of the switch contacts. Control wiring is connected from one end of each fuse mounting bus-strap to a 6 pt. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker.

GEPN pages. GE Fastrac Program is one of the broadest, fastest quick-ship programs in the marketplace. One shield vuylog with switch as standard. Rev pages Our new format in this latest edition allows for maximum convenience and access to the information you need to serve your customers.

GE Aftermarket Catalog

GEPC pages The various indexes included in this catalog are designed to enable the user to locate the required information as quickly and conveniently as possible. For noninterlocking type, one bracket in kit is not used. Refer to the table below for the appropriate Class R Fusing Kit. When activated, the shunt trip module sends a signal to the control unit to open the switch.

A pa ir of relay contacts co nsist s of one up per and one lowe r con tact. Key Interlock Byulog The key interlock provision enables the user to mount a one- to four-cylinder, narrowfaced, Kirk-type FN or Superior customer-supplied lock on the face of the switch. When using the numerical price index beginning on pagewe urge the user to bujlog special attention to the footnotes at the bottom of each page. Shunt Trip The shunt trip accessory is an electronic module, which provides remote control capability to open the switch.


Ratings Vac Ratings Vdc No.

This allows the control unit to record, display, distinguish and communicate that the switch opening event was due to undervoltage release. No Trip Test Button — permits ground fault system check without tripping switch. The shunt trip is continuously rated and requires no cut-off switch.

When used with STDA flange byylog and operating mechanisms, disconnect or circuit breaker cannot be turned on unless door and door hardware have been closed.

Non-automatic levers for all breakers. Also used as extended length drive rod when standard inch rod is not long enough.

Class H Fuse Clips are standard. An F6 regulator having six rela ys requires six pairs of Cat. FP suffix indicates thai all AFP filler plates.

GE BuyLog — Section 9: Disconnect Switches and Operating

Buylog Components and Equipment. Test Button — simulates an actual bkylog fault and will trip switch off unless “No Trip” button is buylkg prior to pushing test button. Complete installation in seconds without special tools, switch —High Transient Voltage Withstandability disassembly or adjustment Interphase partitions mesh with switch midcover to completely —The user can select how protective control unit functions, the isolate each pole.

For ampere, copper conductors must be used. Manual closing of the switch can only be performed by means of a small diameter rod. The ampere fusible switches are UL Recognized for use on circuits capable of delivering not more thanrms symmetrical amperes at or Vac when fused with Class R rated size fuses.

Breakers bolt on to the mounting modules. Inside enclosure depth may be reduced to these depths while maintaining electrical spacings—requires cutting handle shaft. Rod length is 22 inches and may be cut to appropriate length. You can also visit the publications library to get quick and easy access to thousands of GE product and marketing brochures or order a hard copy of a brochure.


Use to mount main or branch Clrcuil breakers into panelboard. This repository may not contain the latest catalog information. Operation of the bell alarm with lockout module can be independently set by means of setting the DIP switches at the rear of the control unit. This accessory is used to limit access to the manual “ON” control to authorized personnel. Rev pages. These switches are percent rated and can interrupt, on a make and break basis, a minimum of 12 times their nameplate rating without fuse assistance at Vac.

They are suitable for use with Type STDA flange handles buyllog variable depth operating mechanisms on page Revpt 1 pages For initiating or updating post-sales service issues and warranty cases For industrial renewal parts and components also see page 11 Web www. Industrial Solutions Control Catalog Mfg: E Neutral Current Contact Post Sale Service for additional details of special process. NEMA 4, 4X, with defeat to enable panel entry while power on.

Fast Shipments GE Fastrac is a quick-ship program that gives you access to a broad range of custom built and contr ol products with an expedited shipping schedule. Accepts Anderson VersaCrimp when lugs are removed from straps. The ampere switch, being 3 inches wider, may require some modification. Bell Alarm With Lockout The bell alarm with lockout module combines both the bell alarm and bujlog manual lockout function.