Mahmud Gawan Madrasa is an old Islamic school (Madrasa), located in Bidar, Karnataka state of India. The school was built by Khwaza. 27 Reviews. #6 of 13 things to do in Bidar Centre Of The City, Bidar, India. Save .. Mahmud Gawan was the most progressive prime minister of Bidar. Most of. Mahmud Gawan, a merchant by vocation, arrived in Bidar kingdom ruled by the Bahamani kings in A.D. He was well versed in Islamic.

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Bidar Trip – Mohamad Gawan Madrasa The madrasa however, built to reaffirm Shia ism as the state religion, is clearly modeled on contemporary central Asian buildings. Flights Vacation Rentals Restaurants Things to do.

Sultan Ahmad II ordered the Deccanis to occupy the left side of the throne and the Westerners the right side. Would you tell a friend to take a guided tour of this place? October 29, Last Updated: Bidar has found its place in the World Monument Watch List, which gives some hope for improvements in this City of Whispering Monuments.

Today goats graze among the majestic ruins and the windows with exquisite jail-work look out like haunted eyes. From around the web.


I CRAVE HISTORY: Madrasa of Mahmud Gawan, Bidar

Rangin Mahal – Bidar Fort. He built the great university in Bidar which is known as Mahmud Gawan Madrasa. He ultimately reached to the post of prime minister and was much respected among the local population. When Gawan’s house was raided for alleged accumulated wealth, all that could be found was a mat, cooking vessels, the Holy Koran and letters he wrote.

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Arjun Kumar Arjun Kumar is a management postgraduate by training, a brand manager mahmue profession and a heritage explorer by natural inclination. How to Reach Bidar. Ancient UniversityNow a Mosque. Complete view of Mahumad Gawan Madrasa.


But ggawan Sultan was not in his senses and ordered Gawan’s beheading on the spot. The founder had established a library of volumes in this university before his death; what became of it is not known.

The architecture, though splendid and unique, is neglected and doesn’t see much crowd other than local children playing inside. Views Read Edit View history.

mah,ud Gawan tried to get renowned scholars from Persia and other West-Asian countries for teaching and heading the now famous college. OpenStreetMap – Google Earth.

Jyotsna Kamat hosts an amusing online exhibition of historical artifacts on education in India through the centuries History and Monuments of Bijapur. Large number of people fled to Gujarat and Malwa. Narasimha Jhira Cave Temple. Madarasa of Mahmud Gawan.


In a drunken state the Sultan ordered him executed in April Due to his honesty, simplicity and knowledge he impressed the Bahamani Kings.

Bicar ASI took over this monument in has put in a great deal of effort in conserving it. Mahmud Gawan of Bidar. Meanwhile, you can explore our top tour packages from below link Explore Tour Packages Close. Stripped of many of its decorative elements, the madrasa is now a shadow of its original self.

Mahmud Gawan Madarsa, Bidar

The minaret is elegant with Samarkhand-like domes here and there. Sri Amareshwar Temple – Aurad.

With a far superior resource and population base than Iran, the Deccan kingdoms were more wealthy and attracted talent. Init was appropriated by Awrangzib for use as a military barrack.

After Humayun’s death, he became the guardian of bidag minor prince Nizam Shah. Earlier, this college housed a library, mosque, laboratory, and lecture halls.