Mudakaraatha Modakam Sada Vimukti Saadhakam Kalaadharaavatamsakam Vilasiloka Rakshakam Anaaya Kaika Naayakam Vinasitebha Daityakam. This is in romanized sanskrit according to IAST standard. View this in plain english. Author: ādi śaṅkarācārya. mudā karātta modakaṃ sadā. The one who chants this Ganesha Pancharatnam every morning by remembering Ganesha in the heart, gets good health, becomes faultless, attains scholarship.

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Krupaakaram Kshamaakaram Mudaakaram Yashaskaram. Anonymous Thursday, September 12, Achintyaroopa Mantaheena Mantaraaya Kruntanam. Vinayaka gives happiness to the whole world.

He inspires the mind of those who salute Him. He removes the troubles of those who bow down to Him.

Sree Maha Ganesha Pancharatnam – English | Vaidika Vignanam

Kalaadharaa Vatamsakam Vilaasi Loka Rakshakam. Vinayaka is terrible to those who are arrogant. Dhruv, Thanks for your question. Sathya Sai with Students Monday, September 16, I salute that radiant Vinayaka. He is also the one who helps us to achieve liberation. Hrudantare Nirantaram Vasantameva Yoginaam. Natetaraati Bheekaram Navoditaarka Bhaasvaram.

He is the supreme Godhead. Nitaanta Kaantadanta Kaantimanta Kaantakaatmajam.

He is endless, and He removes obstacles. He beautifies the moon and gaanesha devotees who are full of joy. He shines like the rising sun. Nataashubhaashu Naashakam Namaami Tam Vinaayakam. He is saluted by all the Gods. I salute that Vinayaka who is most powerful. His form is incomprehensible beyond the scope of the mind. Maheshvaram Tamaashraye Paraatparam Nirantaram.


Tamekadantameva Tam Vichintayaami Santatam. Samasta Loka Shankaram Nirasta Daityakunjaram. Song for the Soul.

Puraaripoorvanandanam Suraari Garva Charvanam. I contemplate on that single-tusked God. Discourses to Students 2. Manaskaram Namaskrutaam Namaskaromi Bhaasvaram. Song for the Soul 7. Vinayaka is the one, who joyously holds Modaka in His hand. This Day That Age 6.

He possesses a great stomach. He crushes the pride of the demons and in His terrible form He destroys the world. I salute that Vinayaka who destroys all inauspiciousness in a flash.

He is worthy of worship by the ancient verses. Anaayakaika Naayakam Vinaashitbha Daityakam.


He is the master of all the deities, of all wealth, of all elephants, of all the Ganas. He has the shining tusk, which makes Him attractive. He is the master of masters, and the slayer of the demon—elephant.

He bestows on us fame. Experiences of Students 3. He is the slayer of the demon-elephant. He will also get the eight types of wealth food, education, youthfulness, beauty, power, bodily strength, material prosperity and royal family and a long life.


He washes away the worries of the poor. Song 8, Section 2 – Stotrams, Vandana: I serve that ancient elephant. He has the head of an excellent elephant and He is eternal.

In our humble opinion, Swami always used to emphasise on the importance of Bhavam pure devotional feelings alongwith every spiritual activity.

Ganesha pancharatnam – Wikipedia

He resides in the heart of the Yogis. So whether it is Naama Panxharatnam chanting the name of the Lord or even a service activity, everything should be suffused with Love for God. Samaahitaayu Rashtabhootimabhyupaiti Sochiraat 3.

The one who chants this Ganesha Pancharatnam every morning by remembering Ganesha in the heart, gets good health, becomes faultless, attains scholarship and begets a good son. Namat Suraari Nirjaram Nataadhi Kaapaduddharam. He is the emblem of Dhananjaya and others Arjuna pacnharatnam the others.